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Blaze #501

In the first story of this anthology, Tatiana Starlington has hoped and dreamed that one day she’ll be a princess. She believes with all her heart and soul that she is destined to be one. Unlike her six older sisters, Tatiana doesn’t intend to marry the first prince who asks for her hand in marriage. She has been gifted with brains, tact and a cunning sense and is merely planning to use her title as princess as a stepping stone to her coronation as a future queen. Or so she thinks.

But during a meeting with her parents and Romilda, the fairy godmother to the kingdoms, Tatiana finds out some devastating news about her already planned future. She discovers that her once princess mother begged the fairy many years ago to raise her and her husband from poverty because he was only a footman and not a wealthy prince as she was supposed to marry. The fairy agreed to help her on the grounds that in exchange for seven daughters of untold beauty and wealth normally only offered to those of royal blood, that she wanted a way out of her servitude as a fairy godmother to the kingdoms. In accepting this offer, Tatiana, the youngest daughter, would be the fairy godmother’s replacement. Poor Tatiana’s dreams were shattered in a matter of minutes. How could this be her destiny? Not having any say in the matter, Tatiana’s destiny had been decided and she was now given the fairy godmother title.

For four centuries, Tatiana did as she was supposed to, but her heart was still broken that she could never be a princess. Finally, Tatiana decides that she is going to get out of this position the only way that existed – she was to cross over to the human world and grant the wishes of the first young woman she met. And, it must be done with no magic. Knowing just how much she had her work cut out for herself, she was determined to give up her position once and for all. If she could accomplish her goal before the next full moon, she’ll be transformed into a human herself and be forever free. Once she enters into the human world though, she does whatever is necessary to relinquish her job and title as a fairy godmother.

Who does Tatiana stumble upon when she enters in to the human world? What are the girl’s dreams that she hopes can one day be fulfilled? What ultimately happens to Tatiana in the end?

I really enjoyed this version of the fairy godmother story. Ms. Leto penned a creative storyline around the fairy godmother theme and succeeded at transporting me between the two worlds. I found myself hoping that Tatiana was finally able to break away from her predetermined life and set out to fulfill her heart’s desire. I absolutely hated the fact that her mother had agreed to subject her youngest daughter to this predetermined position all for greed. This is definitely a book you should look into and you won’t be disappointed by Ms. Leto’s storytelling style.

In the second story by Leslie Kelly, there is a prince, Ruprecht is his name, and he just can’t seem to take a fancy to any princess he is introduced to. His mother, Queen Verona, just can’t understand how every princess that he meets just isn’t good enough for him to marry for one reason or another. This angers Queen Verona a great deal. She enjoys ruling over Riverdale and wants to ensure her family will continue to do just that. But she knows there is one person who can destroy her plans instantaneously and that person is Princess Penelope, if she’s still alive that is. Queen Verona explains to her son that Princess Penelope is the only one who, on her twenty-first birthday, could assume governing the land. Although her twenty-first birthday was a few years ago, Queen Verona wants to be certain there won’t be any issues in the future. So, without worrying if the princess will returned unannounced by her own free will, she hires Lucas Wolf, a lawman, to try and track her down and bring her home.

Lucas accepts the job and sets out to find Princess Penelope to bring her home once and for all. When he finally locates the princess, he can’t believe the woman standing before him is anything close to being a princess. With body piercings, tattoos and dyed hair, this woman can’t be the one true princess he is searching for.

When Penny meets Lucas at the diner she works at, although she finds him good looking, she dishes her nasty attitude toward him to put him and his cockiness back into place. From their first encounter together, things go furthest from what Lucas could ever have planned in returning the princess home to her people and her land.

Does Lucas convince Penny to go with him without supplying all the details as to why she must go? What does Penny think of the urgency of Lucas wanting her to travel with him to somewhere she doesn’t know? Does he finally inform her of the true meaning behind him needing her to return with him?

Ms. Kelly did a wonderful job with this storyline and once you meet her characters, you just can’t help but fall in love with some and despise others. I loved Penny’s character for being the rough and tough chick she was, but also I enjoyed getting to see her lighter, more emotional side as well. I couldn’t help but be drawn to Lucas’ sexy character and I had hoped that maybe something would happen between him and Penny even though I knew that it probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do. If you’re looking for an entertaining story that’s a bit different, this is one you should pick up.

Book Blurb for More Blazing Bedtime Stories

Into the Woods by Julie Leto

Tatiana Starlingham is a frustrated fairy godmother. She grants sexy wishes for others--but all that hot loving is off-limits for her. Until she meets hunky Jack St. Cloud and finally has mind-blowing sex! But can Tatiana wish it into lasting forever?

Once Upon a Mattress by Leslie Kelly

Who's afraid of the big bad werewolf? Not long-lost princess Penelope Mayfair... Because dark, sexy Lucas Wolf is giving her the best sex of her life! Unfortunately, she's intended for another. But that's not about to stop Lucas. After all, everybody knows wolves mate for life....

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.00