Mixed Blessings

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Mixed Blessings

Monique St. Cyr, a thirty-six year old Maine resident, is thrilled that her mother, Ann Marie, is finally remarrying. This means that Monique will have freedom again, if only for the three months her mom and her new stepfather will be on their honeymoon in Europe. Since her mother lives right next door to Monique’s duplex, this will be pure bliss that she won’t have her meddling mother popping in and out of her life for the next few weeks. But that dream comes crashing down on her when she finds out that her mother has invited her Aunt Lilly and her grandfather to stay in the empty duplex while Ann Marie is away. This just can’t be happening. Now she’ll have her aunt and grandfather meddling in her life just as much as her mother constantly does on a daily basis. The kicker is that her aunt is very prudish and her grandfather is a dirty old man so Monique just isn’t in the mood to have to deal with Aunt Lilly or her grandfather right now.

All hell seems to break loose for poor Monique though once her mother and new stepfather leave for their honeymoon. Aunt Lilly wants to come out of her shell and be more daring like her niece so she decides to tag along with Monique wherever she goes. This is going to drive Monique battier than she normally is with her mother. And if she isn’t dealing with enough already, Elaine, her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend pops back into his life asking for forgiveness and another shot at their relationship. It seems ever since Elaine crawled into town, Monique starts experiencing really horrific things like having her duplex broken into or her truck set on fire. Why is she the target of all these heinous acts?  

Does Monique find out who has the vendetta out on her? Could it be Elaine trying to do away with her so she can have Jake all to herself again? Does Jake make the final decision with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life with? Is it possible that Aunt Lilly finally breaks away from her prudish ways and starts living her life vicariously because of the pointers she picked up from Monique?

            This was a funny story right from the get go and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud with Monique and Aunt Lilly’s antics. Aunt Lilly at first seemed to be an inconvenience for Monique, but as they got to spend more time with each other, they seemed to be forming a bond together they never thought would happen. These two characters had me laughing throughout the story. From the time Elaine crawled her way back into Jake’s life, I could smell a rat. Ms. Amos, however, did a wonderful job concealing until the very end who the culprit was that was turning Monique’s life upside down. I had my money on it being Elaine the entire time, but the question is: Was it her or was it someone else targeting Monique? The only way for you to find out, is to pick up a copy for yourself! I found this story to be a fun, entertaining read and I would recommend it to other readers. Ms. Amos did a wonderful job with this story!                      

Book Blurb for Mixed Blessings

When Monique St. Cyr's mother, erotic fiction author Ann Marie, leaves on a three-month honeymoon, Monique is certain her life is about to improve: that is, until old-fashioned Aunt Lilly and deaf Gramps move into the duplex next door—boxes of her mother's ripped erotic books show up on Monique's doorstep with threatening notes—and her aunt and her best friend end up pregnant. While Monique struggles to balance her career and her romance with gorgeous cop, Jake Dube, his ex-fiancée announces she wants him back. Monique wages the battle of her life, sometimes with hilarious consequences, providing many laughs for readers of this romantic comedy.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.00