Mists of the Vineyard

Twenty-five year old Cathy Martin is a successful winery owner and international wine consultant. She loves the fact that she branched out on her own from where she worked at the Briarwood Winery in California and embarked on a new path – one of being an owner of von Smitz Winery in Altus, Arkansas. She’s extremely motivated to make her winery recognized among the best in the world.
While learning all she can, she devotes all of her blood, sweat and tears into making von Smitz’s Winery the winery of her dreams. But along her journey, not everything comes as easily as she hopes. With every obstacle that she faces, she grows stronger and more determined to reach the top and be world renown. Thankfully, along the way, she meets a few people that will help teach her a few lessons in life. It is these lessons that she will draw upon when her strength, determination and faith are seriously tested.
What are some of the lessons Cathy learns along the way while owning and operating her winery? Does she ultimately achieve her goal of being world renown?
Mr. Northum penned a fascinating storyline within these pages. He created characters that are likeable and believable. I was cheering Cathy on that she decided to go after her dream. When her faith and determination were tested, I had hoped she would make it through the obstacles with newfound hope and insight. I found myself wanting her to achieve love, happiness and success as she kept reaching for her goal. I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Northum’s story and I will definitely recommend it to other readers.  

Book Blurb for Mists of the Vineyard

With her sister, loved and lost, Cathy finds heartache when the man of her dreams turns her away. Striking out with no goals, she stumbles into opportunity with an elder gentlemen and a dying vineyard. A budding friendship sparks renewed growth in a youthful exuberance, an old soul and some very rare grapevines. But life’s not done mixing the ingredients. Add a few varmints, a couple of dogs, a sprouting pair of troubled teens, some winery competitions, a German vineyard, a dilapidated piano and an outdated farmhouse. And that’s not all. Just wait until the local vet gets involved.When a painful past opens doors to a possible future, can Cathy survive the walk through the present to reach happiness?

Genre: contemporary
Page Count: 258

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.00