Mistletoe Wish

Light Erotica elements

Alex wants nothing to do with the upcoming holidays. He just doesn’t have time to be festive and sentimental. Or should I say that he really just doesn’t want to celebrate them. But when Merry asks him to be Santa Claus for her squadron’s Christmas party because Sergeant Meyers took a heart attack, what is Alex to do? This is Merry asking him. The woman he loved and then was betrayed by with his own best friend. Could he find it in his heart to help her out of this jam or will his betrayed feelings prevent him from helping the one woman that he still may be in love with?
This was a short, sweet Christmas read written by Ms. Storey. I couldn’t help but fall in love with Alex from the start. His gruff ways immediately let me know that he was hurt to the core and he was only protecting himself. But when Merry entered the room to talk to him about being Santa Claus, the story became ever so clear. I thoroughly enjoyed this Christmas tale and would love to read more work done by this author. Ms. Storey happens to be a new author for me and I am thrilled I stumbled upon her. 

Book Blurb for Mistletoe Wish

Alex doesn’t have time for the holidays, or the sappy sentiments it brings. Especially now, when he has to face the one woman who betrayed him with his best friend. Working together to make holiday magic happen for the kids of the NCO’s is not in his plans, but then again, seeing Merry again isn’t either. But if she stands beneath the mistletoe, he might allow himself one kiss for old time’s sake.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.00