Mischief in the Dark

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Mischief in the Dark

Shari Phillips decided that she was finally going to take control of her life and one of the factors she had to overcome was being too fearful of things. Now that she finally found the strength within herself to kick her good for nothing boyfriend to the curb she needed to start making immediate changes in the rest of her life.

She wanted to do something different and daring. Something she wouldn't normally do because her fear always won the best of her. So on Halloween night, before going to her friend's party dressed as a sexy tiger, she decided to stop by the local haunted house by herself. This was definitely something she wouldn't have done in the past because she was the world's biggest chicken.

The haunted house was four levels and two miles of scares. When she started walking toward it she started quickly second guessing her decision to go until she saw this really attractive looking guy dressed as Dracula enter into the place with some of his friends. They started to walk through the place and every so often Dracula would look back over his shoulder as if to check out to see if Shari was still there. She liked the idea that he kept looking for her.

When she least expected it, a zombie came rushing toward her and while trying to get away from him, her heel got caught and she fell backward right into a metal door that flew open and knocked her onto her backside in this lit room. With the wind knocked out of her, she couldn't get up to grab the now closing door in front of her. She started to panic and her fear came flooding back quickly. A few seconds past, which seemed like a lifetime to her, and the metal door flew open. Dracula realized something happened to her and he came looking for her. Once he saw her, he helped her to her feet and when they tried to open the metal door, it was locked. Now she really started to panic. Now if that wasn't bad enough, all the lights started flickering. They knew they had to get out of there so they started searching around for other doors, but each one they came across was locked.

They decided to start to get to know each other a little bit and she found out that his name was Will and he too was going to a Halloween party after finishing the tour of the haunted house. At this point it seemed like it was going to be a long time before anyone would find them. She was cold in her skimpy tiger costume so her offered her his cape. While they continued talking, the lights went completely black. Shari was getting more edgy as time was ticking by. Will stepped closer to her and started rubbing her back up and down trying to relax her. One thing led to another, one kiss led to one touch and they both started getting warmer very quickly.

Does this rendezvous turn out to be just that? Do they exchange numbers and keep in touch? How long were Will and Shari trapped together in the dark room of the creepy haunted house?

This was a sexy Halloween read that I think you will enjoy just as much as I did. Ms. James pens a very intriguing story with some sexy characters that will definitely entertain you. This one is a definite keeper.

Book Blurb for Mischief in the Dark

Halloween night is for ghouls and goblins and making mischief. When Shari Phillips gets locked in the basement of a creepy haunted house with a handsome stranger in a black cape, she sheds her inhibitions, her fears-and her tiger's tale-and makes a little of her own mischief in the dark.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.50