Message of Love

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Message of Love

Contemporary, Erotic

Ian and Ashley McKenna have a wonderful marriage and life together. They have been married for ten years and have two beautiful children to show for it. Even after ten years of marriage, Ian could still get Ashley to giggle like a school girl with the things he would say to her. They were extremely close and very much in love.

Ashley couldn't believe that his company would ask Ian to go to meetings on a Saturday. And this wasn't just any Saturday either. It was Valentine's Day. While he headed to his meetings, Ashley prepared for the wonderfully romantic evening she had planned for the two of them. She led Ian to believe they were going out to dinner to someplace expensive and romantic, but she had a whole other plan up her sleeve. She turned the burner down on the sauce she was cooking and got her nine year old twins, Kelsey and Christopher, ready to go over her friend's house, Ruth Bennett, for the night. Things were working out well so far. She couldn't wait for their fun and exciting evening to begin. She got the kids loaded up in the minivan and headed off to Ruth's house. Ashley didn't realize that in a matter of minutes her whole life was going to change on her.

What life-threatening event happened to Ashley and her family? How did she handle it when it happened? Was someone watching out for her and her family during this catastrophic time? What were the end results for everyone in the McKenna family?

I enjoyed this story by Ms. Stone because it wove many different human emotions into one story. The way the story was told, I felt as if I was witnessing everything firsthand. I felt all the emotions each character was feeling during different points in the story. This was definitely a heart pounding read that I think you'll find just as entertaining as I did. I would most definitely look into more stories from Ms. Stone.

Book Blurb for Message of Love

Ian and Ashley met and fell in love in college. Now, ten years later, they had a good life. Ian works as an advertising agent and ends up going into the big city to meet with a client on Valentine's Day. The building explodes and Ian's trapped in a smashed elevator. Can Ashley get to him or will their text messages be the last Messages of Love they have?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.50