Merciful Angel

Genre : Quickie / Contemporary - Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic

Angelo Marquetti, known to everyone as Angel, had been working undercover on this important case for six long months. This undercover detective was finally happy that his long work hours would be coming to an end because the case finally produced enough evidence to arrest several well-known city officials for drug trafficking charges.

Heading back to his apartment for a nice hot shower, a cold beer and a soft bed was all Angel had planned for his evening. Little did he know that his plans were going to drastically change for that evening. Standing three feet from his apartment door he heard a woman scream. Instinctually he grabbed his gun and by the time he turned around toward the apartment where he heard the screaming come from he heard a second one and some scuffling noises from behind the door. He kicked the door open and had the surprise of his life. A beautiful woman, wrapped only in a damp blue towel, stood in the middle of her dining room table. When he asked her what was wrong she told him she was screaming because of the big black spider she saw crawling across the floor.

She introduced herself to him as Cara Michaels. He was completely beside himself. He thought she was absolutely beautiful and while looking at her he couldn't help but think erotic thoughts about the two of them together. She seemed to be having the same lustful thoughts about him, too.

Did Cara and Angel give into the lustful thoughts they had and have sex with each other even though they were both strangers? Did they see each other after that incident considering that they lived directly across the hall from each other? Did they decide to start something up together?

The story was a very fast paced read for me. It was a delightful story and the scenes were quite hot.

Book Blurb for Merciful Angel

Angelo Marquetti — Angel to his friends. He was just coming off a long undercover assignment and wanted nothing more than a hot shower, a cold beer and a comfortable bed. But one scream of terror changed all of that and Angel ended up with so much more.

Cara Michaels was on top of a table dressed in nothing but a damp towel when he kicked in the door and came to her rescue. He was every erotic fantasy that she could think of, all rolled into one. And Cara was more than ready to indulge her inner vixen. Cara was ready for anything and her merciful Angel was willing to give her a glimpse at just how erotic it could be.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 3.50