Mended Heart

Finally deciding to return to Pineyville, Tennessee to nurse her estranged mother back to health, Jade McAllister knows that it’ll not be easy living back home. She has gotten used to her new life in Chicago as an elementary school teacher and really wants nothing to do with Pineyville again. Her relationship with her mother has been nonexistent and even though her mother has tried numerous times to extend the olive branch to Jade, her daughter just wasn’t ready to forgive and forget the hurtful past she felt her mother had caused. Now, facing that her mother took a heart attack and is frail, Jade packs up her suitcase and heads to her hometown once again.

When she arrives there, she’s more than thankful that her girlfriend got her the administrative assistant position in Pineyville Church. At least she won’t have to worry about finding work and she can start in her new position immediately. But when she walks through the door she never imagines running directly into Shane Calkin, the boy who broke her heart in high school. Shane was the bad-boy-wannabe back then and she doesn’t want to have to face him now after all these years have passed. Even more ironically, he’s the Youth Director at the church and she’ll be working for him. Maybe working at the church isn’t such a good idea after all.

When Shane sees Jade after all these years he can’t believe just how lucky he is to get to be a part of her life again, even if only as his administrative assistant. He would do anything within in his power to turn back the years and correct all the wrong he has done to her. Now being much more mature and levelheaded, he sets out to make things right again and hopefully have Jade back in his arms the way she should be. The problem is Jade really wants nothing to do with him now.

Is Jade’s reaction to Shane because she still has feelings for him after all these years or is it because she really doesn’t want anything to do with him now? Is there the slightest bit of hope that they can talk things over and maybe work through the pain he had caused her all those years ago? Can Jade find it in herself to let Shane back into her heart again?

I really enjoyed this story by Ms. Manners. The characters morphed before my eyes as I got deeper and deeper into the story. I wanted Jade to give Shane the time to listen to what he had to say and find it within her heart to possible forgive him for what he did to her many years ago. I knew it wouldn’t be an easy thing for either of them to work through, but I had faith that if they just allowed themselves the time anything could be possible. I liked the storyline and felt that it was quite creative. The characters perfectly portrayed the story that Ms. Manners presented to them and I walked away feeling completely satisfied overall. This is definitely a book I would suggest to any reader who loves Inspirational Romances. You won’t be disappointed with this one!

Book Blurb for Mended Heart

Contemporary Rating: Sweet Page Count: 219
Word Count: 54619

Jade McAllister returns home to Pineyville, Tennessee to help nurse her estranged mother back to health. She’s grateful her friend found her a job as an administrative assistant at Pineyville Church. That is, until she runs into Shane Calkin—the bad-boy-wannabe who broke her heart.

Shane's job as Youth Director at the church is a far cry from his high school days as the town's privileged rich kid. The death of his sister has left him with a young niece to raise and a rambunctious puppy to tame. He's not the self-centered person who once hurt Jade, and all he wants now is a second chance to love her. But how can he prove it to her?


Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.00