Mayhem Minis

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Mayhem Minis

Mayhem Minis consisted of three short stories written by Donna Michaels. The first story, Hunk Slave, was my favorite story although I also thoroughly enjoyed Soul Survivor and Neptune's Gift.

In Hunk Slave, Christine Conrad was convinced to attend a charity auction by her girlfriend, Taylor Grant. This was the last place that Christine really wanted to be right now. Taylor explained to Christine that she needed her assistance in choosing a good-looking man that she was going to bid on that was going to fulfill her every wish. She asked her to browse all the easels containing pictures and descriptions of each man and then pick the best one out for Taylor. While Christine was doing this, she stumbled across Eric Bradshaw's picture. This was the guy she had the biggest crush on in high school. While looking at his picture, he noticed Christine and went over to say hello to her. She was completely surprised that he even remembered her after all this time and cared enough to say hello. They spoke for a little while and he headed backstage to start the auction. Did Christine get enough guts up to bid on Eric? Or did someone else get him to be their Hunk Slave?

In the second story, Soul Survivor, Leah Wilson vowed to bring the man to justice who contracted the hit on her parents nine years ago. So intent on finding this vicious beast she changed her name, joined the police and eventually became an FBI agent. Nothing or no one was going to stop her from finding him and bringing him behind bars finally.

She found out it was the millionaire art dealer, Hans Bauer, and insinuated herself into this vile creature's world. Hans liked Leah and he started a relationship with her. They lived together for a year and each and every day she hated the fact she was in his life. The only person who seemed to make it through to Leah's guarded front was Agent Jason Hathaway. He fully understood why Leah was so distant and reserved to everyone. He knew all too well himself. Did Leah ever get enough evidence against Hans to put him away where he belonged? Did anything ever come out of the closeness that developed between Leah and Jason?

In the third and final story, Neptune's Gift, Dr. Laurel Adams is on expedition along with Professor Wilson, Carter Jackson and other team members. Laurel, who is an expert on Achaean `Sea People' history, stumbled across a map a year ago that now led this expedition straight to the small island of Kassos.

Laurel loved discoveries and was lucky enough to discover and fall in love with her fianc‚, Carter, on one of those expeditions. With the same team members in tow they set out to find King Neptune's sacred place. Finding a way in they one by one start entering the sacred ground. Once inside, chaos broke loose and their lives were in danger. What did they really discover there? Who or what caused their lives to be in such danger? What happened to each member of the team?

Overall, I loved this anthology Donna penned. Each story was unique and gave something different to the book. Her writing is extremely enjoyable to read and she has such a flair with words. Each story envelopes you to be a character within that particular story and carries you to the end feeling entertained and satisfied. Without a doubt, I would eagerly recommend Donna Michaels' work to other readers in a heartbeat.

Book Blurb for Mayhem Minis

Mayhem Minis is a collection of short stories

Hunk Slave

What's Christine Conrad to do when her best friend drags her to a charity bachelor auction? Fall for a hunk-slave, of course.

Soul Survivor

After investing nearly a decade in tracking down, and delivering justice to her parents' killer, FBI Agent Leah Wilson must face a scary thought: What is she supposed to do now? Her former superior, Jason Hathaway, shows up at her parents' grave to offer support.and an answer.

Neptune's Gift

Deciphering Neptune's scroll brings archeologist Dr. Laurel Adams face to face with the deity and a whole tomb-load of danger. Locked inside with carnivorous creatures, it's up to her fianc‚ Carter Jackson, the expedition leader, to guide her and her team to safety. But will they all survive?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.75