Matinee Idol

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Matinee Idol

Benni Enfante, a Breast Cancer researcher, was on her way to Los Angeles for a research seminar. Killing time during her three hour flight delay, she dove into the book she had with her which was about the brightest and boldest start the silver screen had ever known- Evan Fitzpatrick. She just absolutely adored this actor.

Arriving at the hotel, she was informed that because she arrived fifteen minutes late, she missed her check in and in the process, forfeited her room to someone else. Since the seminar was bringing in people from all over, this made finding a room far from easy for her. Luckily, coming off the elevator was a fellow researcher, Dave, and when she explained her predicament to him he offered her the vacant house his deceased grandfather used to own and was still owned by the family. She jumped at the opportunity even though she didn't have a car to get back and forth.

Settling into the place she had a look around. She immediately laid eyes on the portrait just above the mantle. To her surprise, it was none other than her beloved actor, Evan Fitzpatrick. Inquiring about Dave's grandfather's interest in the actor she was completely taken back to find out that Dave's grandfather was indeed Evan himself- the actual actor. She felt honored to be staying in her idol's home even though his grandson wasn't proud of his grandfather's reputation of being a lush and a womanizer. From the moment Dave left, things would forever change for Benni.

What were some of the things that occurred to her while staying in Evan Fitzpatrick's house for the weekend? Were they really happening or was she just imagining everything? Did she finally come to her senses and get to the bottom of everything once and for all? In the end, was she happy she stayed there and not the hotel as she originally planned?

This was a clever storyline penned by Ms. Chain. Although Benni was dealing with some unlucky events starting her weekend away, I was thrilled that her luck started changing for her finally. It was a light, fun read that I think you will enjoy.

Book Blurb for Matinee Idol

Benni Enfante is possibly Silver Screen star Evan Fitzpatrick's biggest fan. When a business trip goes awry and she ends up at a friend's beach house for the weekend, she gets more than she bargained for. The Thirties premier naughty boy materializes out of nowhere and treats Benni to a personal performance she will never forget. Evan Fitzpatrick has been dead for over fifty years, so who is the untamed wild-child in her bed?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 3.75