Mastroddi's Magic

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Mastroddi's Magic

Claire Conway, a classically trained violinist who was a member of the Lincoln Center Symphony, had her prized Mastroddi violin passed down to her after her mother, another talented violinist, passed away suddenly. As legend was told to her by her grandfather, "The world's greatest violin brings true love to those who play it." Claire didn't believe the legend, but she did believe that her music and her violin were her life. Trained at Julliard, she took her music seriously and believed that only classical music would appeal to the masses and guarantee her a steady income compared to playing other types of music with her violin.

Because she lived and breathed her music, she really didn't have a social life. One night though, after one of her concerts, her girlfriends convinced her to go out to McCann's Tavern to let her hair down and have some fun. She wasn't very comfortable with the idea especially since she had just left her performance of the evening and she had her Mastroddi with her. While there, she and another patron, a gorgeous cowboy, caught each other's eye. One thing led to another and they started to dance, but she wasn't too happy with his selection of music. She hated country music and she believed it was too twangy. She just couldn't see how anyone would consider liking that kind of music. She continued to dance with this cowboy, whose name was Kyle Rafferty, until the alcohol kicked in and made her faint. When she woke up the next morning she frantically looked for her violin. She then realized that it was missing and that it must have been left behind at the tavern she was out the night before. Then her phone rang.

Who was calling her and what did they have to say to her? Did they have her highly valuable violin or was it gone forever? Who was this cowboy that she had met? Did she ever see him again after that night at McCann's?

This was a magnificent novel written by Ms. Chernow. The storyline was unique and extremely creative. The images Catherine used throughout the story to describe the beautiful music Claire played were absolutely amazing. The images were so vivid that I could see and feel everything she described. This story was extremely moving in so many ways and my heart bled for how tough Clare's life was in the past and how luck just didn't seem to be on her side now often either. She went through quite a bit of heartache to get where she was and she just kept meeting one obstacle after another. This story was a winner in my book and a story that I strongly suggest you add to your own library. I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Book Blurb for Mastroddi's Magic

New York's most accomplished, classical violinist, Claire Conway, has done the unthinkable -she's misplaced her valuable, one-of-a-kind, antique violin...the Mastroddi. Armed with her wits and a reward, she sets out to meet Kyle Rafferty, her precious violin's mysterious savior. But the long, tall Texan doesn't want the reward she's offering - he wants Claire. Kyle thinks the beautiful, talented violinist is the most opinionated woman he's ever met. She's also the only woman he wants. Amidst lies and suspicion of murder, Kyle sets out to win Claire's heart, but will love and the Mastroddi's magic be enough to keep them together when tragedy strikes?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 5.00