Martial Hearts

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Martial Hearts

April Martin, a shy nurse who is taking Kenpo lessons for self-defense reasons, just can’t seem to get her Karate instructor and first-degree black belt, Austin Li out of her mind. She is extremely attracted to him and would do anything to be alone with him.
As the school is celebrating at their annual picnic, April attends and not only has fun playing with the kids and Austin with water guns, but also she gets to drool in just how sexy Austin looks without a T-shirt on.
When April hears the announcement that she can sign up for additional one-on-one Kenpo classes, she decides that this would be the perfect opportunity to have Austin to herself. 
Does April’s plan work out the way she wanted it to? Did Austin find out that April has a crush on him? Could it be possible that he likes April in return, but she doesn’t know it?
I really enjoyed this story penned by Ms. McCrady. It was a fun, light read that I thoroughly enjoyed. The storyline was fresh and new and I loved how she described the details of the scenes and how April was feeling every time she saw Austin in the same room as her. I would recommend this story to other readers and I will definitely look into other work done by Ms. McCrady.

Book Blurb for Martial Hearts

Austin Li, Kenpo Karate instructor and first-degree black belt, is everybody's favorite. Gregarious and talented, he's as popular with adult students as with the kids he teaches. After a hot day at the karate school's annual picnic, shy nurse April Martin is anxious to get him alone. If she risks rejection and wrestles Austin to the mat, will she be defeated by disappointment or stand victorious in love?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 4.00