Marrying The Invisible Man

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Marrying The Invisible Man

Katie Bartlett’s mom is driving her so crazy over the fact of when Katie’s going to find someone to settle down with that her daughter decides to stop her mother once and for all. Katie decides to concoct an insane plan of getting a small, intimate wedding together with her factious groom – Jack, AKA The Invisible Man. She feels that this will show her mother that she’ll stop at nothing to prove just how extreme her mother is taking the issue of forcing marriage down her throat. Katie feels that this would put her mother in her place finally and everyone could get a good laugh out of it.
It sounds like a simple plan, but she can’t pull this off without her best friend since kindergarten, David Williams, stepping in to help her out. The problem is that David has feelings for Katie and is afraid to say anything to her because he knows she only sees him as her best friend and not someone she’d date. But once the plans are all in place and the guests show up for this make believe wedding, things turn out differently than planned for everyone in the end.
What happens in the end to Katie, her mother and David? Can her mother forgive her for this insane charade that Katie pulled off?
I found this story to be entertainingly funny. I enjoyed getting to know Katie and David. I felt bad for David that he had feelings for his best friend, but she didn’t see him in the same light. Though honestly, it seemed that he never did trying telling her to begin with. I found it humorous that Katie set up a fake wedding just to prove a point to her mother that she was more obsessed with Katie finally getting married than who she might be marrying. I wasn’t quite sure how the fake wedding was going to play out, but as it did I found it very amusing. I absolutely loved how the author tied the story together in the end. If you are looking for a different, over-the-top kind of story to read, this is the perfect choice for you!

Book Blurb for Marrying The Invisible Man

Contemporary Sweetheart Rosette

Rating: Sweet

Page Count: 45

Katie Bartlett’s mother is driving her crazy, and she'll do whatever it takes to get her wedding-obsessed mother off her back. Thanks to a joking comment from her best friend, David, Katie decides she to have a fake wedding, to a fake groom--the Invisible Man. David Williams has been Katie’s best friend since kindergarten. He knows Katie doesn’t see him as anything more, but the further she gets into planning her wedding to another man—albeit a fictional one—the worse he feels. With the wedding underway will Katie finally realize the Invisible Man is David?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.00