The Chase: Blaze #519

This three story anthology is written around a Valentine theme and each story does a wonderful job of provoking sexiness, desire and pure lust with all the main characters.

In the first story, “The Chase” by Betina Krahn, Samantha Drexel has always loved Nick Stack’s music. But when she picks him to be the poster guy for CrownCraft’s huge Valentine campaign they both get more than they bargain for in the end.
The second story, “Takedown” by Joanne Rock, reveals to us what happens when Luke Owens just can’t seem to hide his attraction any longer for his best friend’s sister, Tori Halsey. When these two are in the same room together – expect fireworks!
Lastly, in “The Satisfaction” by Lori Borrill, Kitty Colburn secretly has a crush on Josh Beeker, a chef who owns his own restaurant across the street from her business. Since sales are down, she decides to ask him for advice on what she can do to increase her sales since his restaurant is doing so well. Little do they know just how much fun this task can be working together.
I really enjoyed this anthology and loved getting to know the different characters in each story. The authors used the same theme of “manhunting” wrapped around the biggest love holiday of the year – Valentine’s Day. Each story had its own unique flavor so any reader would enjoy picking up this book. Overall, I thought the stories were fun and the characters these authors developed were hot!

Book Blurb for Manhunting

Watch out, guys! These ladies mean business…

The Chase by Betina Krahn

Samantha Drexel has always loved Nick Stack…or at least she's loved his music. So when Sam first meets the sexy songwriter, she's already halfway seduced. Lucky for her, Nick's more than willing to finish the job….

The Takedown by Joanne Rock

Luke Owens has been trying to avoid the sensual allure of Tori Halsey, his best friend's little sister, all his life. But all bets are off when she decides to take him down and have her way with him!

The Satisfaction by Lori Borrill

Kitty Colburn has never believed in resisting temptation. And right now, she's got a fierce craving for chef Josh Beeker. Now all she has to do is convince the notorious playboy that sex with her could be wickedly delicious….

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.00