Magnolia Magick

Lissa needs to complete her latest novel, Roses In Bloom, and what better way to accomplish this then to rent a beautiful plantation for six months in a tiny, rural town located in Maple Falls, Georgia. The plantation is away from everyone and everything that could delay her from finishing this book. When she arrives there, marveling at how beautiful it must have been many years ago, she notices that it’s a bit run down, to say the least, on both the inside and outside. Trudging through the front door she stumbles trying to find the light switch on the nearest wall. While fumbling, she hears a deep male voice off in the darkness somewhere close by her. Asking out loud who else was in the house, she receives a reply, “Just me,” in a heavy southern drawl. She is frightened because no one else should be in the house. At least that’s what she thought anyway. He introduces himself to her as Jesse and she starts talking to him trying to find out if the rental agency sent him over there for some reason.
As they continue talking, she finds out that Jesse lives there. Confused beyond belief, he explains that the rental agency must have forgotten to tell her that she’ll be having a roommate during her stay in the house. All she can wonder is how the rental agency could forget something as important as there is already someone living there. Jesse’s answer to her is, “I think they forget about me occasionally.” Asking for more clarification she finds out that he’s been dead for quite some time now. Without much warning, her eyes roll back in her head and she slumps to the floor. Jesse, being the gentleman that he is, gently picks her up and carries her upstairs to one of the bedrooms. When she finally awakens again, she can’t help but try and find out the answers to all the questions that are rolling through her mind.
Not knowing what else to do in this situation, Jesse stays with her in the house. Lissa starts to get used to the idea of having a ghost as a roommate and even begins to enjoy his company while she writes her book. As the days pass, she finds herself being more and more attracted to Jesse, but knows that she can’t have a relationship with a dead man. What she doesn’t realize is Jesse is attracted to her also. Luck seems to be definitely turning for her because while she’s in town shopping, she meets a local bank owner named Jared. He asks her out and things start getting really heated between the two. Ironically though, Jesse doesn’t like Jared at all. 
What is Lissa to do now that she has two guys, one dead and one very much alive, vying for her attention? How do both the guys respond to Lissa when they find out that she occasionally casts spells and shops at the nearest magick shop? Why is Lissa even casting spells to begin with? Who does Lissa finally decide to be with?
I really enjoyed this paranormal erotic romance. As I was reading, I could see the scenes playing out before me as if I was watching a movie. I loved the handsomely sexy ghost, Jesse, and I was really wondering if the author was going to find a way to have them start a relationship together. Then Jared came into the picture and really spiced up the story even more. Ms. Coulter-Smith did a marvelous job interweaving twist and turns to keep her readers turning the pages and she created characters that were believable. I would definitely recommend this story to others and I look forward to seeing what else is available from this author. 

Book Blurb for Magnolia Magick

Lissa has travelled to a small town in Georgia to complete her latest novel. But she's more than a little surprised to find she's going to have a roommate - a tall, hunky, mouthwatering ghost.

Jesse has been dead for nearly one hundred years, but he's never met anyone like Lissa before. One look at her and his heart pounds, assuming it still could that is. He wants nothing more than to take her into his arms and kiss her senseless.

When Lissa meets a guy who seems perfect but ends up breaking her heart, Jesse helps her pick up the pieces. And with a little magick, they realize that anything is possible.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.00