Magic Man

Book 3 in the Lady In White Series

Crystal Lane, the owner of Crystal Jewelers located in the seventy year old Bride's Inn, started experiencing some electrical problems of some lights flickering in her shop while she was working one day. She was also experiencing some gusty cold air blowing around her that she just blamed on the old front door. Since the place was under constant renovations one way or another because of its age, she told Seth Masters, one of the Bride's Inn owners, what was going on. He told her that he would have some one look at it and take care of it for her.

Continuing to make some small talk with him, she found out that Anthony Zodan, The Amazing Zodan, was going to have a meeting with Seth that afternoon. They were going to discuss what Anthony was going to do since he was going to be the star attraction for the Bride's Inn's holiday crowd. Anthony was the hottest thing going on now because he was a mentalist and a magician. Once Crystal heard his name, thoughts started flooding back to her.

Finishing their conversation, Seth headed out of her shop. Again, she shuddered from the ice cold air that swirled around her. She proceeded to walk toward the entrance of the shop because standing there was a woman who wore a long white dress and held a bouquet of white roses in her hands. Crystal tried making small talk with the woman, but to no avail the woman remained quiet and just looked at her. When Crystal least expected it, the woman started floating around the room. She just couldn't believe her eyes. She thought she was definitely seeing things. Then it dawned on her that it had to be the resident ghost that Bride's Inn was known for. Running out of her shop to get Seth, she ran right into Anthony Zodan's arms- again.

Was the woman in white, which Crystal saw in the jewelry shop, the famous resident ghost of Bride's Inn? How did it turn out that Crystal knew Anthony? What happened in both of their pasts that made them both know each other now? What were some of the strange occurrences going on this time in Bride's Inn? Was the woman in white trying to deliver someone a message?

This was the third book in the Bride's Inn series and this story, just as each past story, was an absolute joy to read. This story kept me wondering what was going to happen next and I was curious to know just how Anthony Zodan was tied to Crystal. Catherine Chernow knows how to tell a story that entertains you and she makes you want to read more of her work. She has a remarkable talent and I just absolutely love the Bride's Inn series. Please keep the stories coming with this series, Catherine! This one is definitely worth picking up!

Book Blurb for Magic Man

Erotic, sensual delights...only a magic man can satisfy her in the dark of night... Dark, mysterious, Anthony Zodan, is a renowned magician with amazing telepathic powers and sleight of hand. When the owners of Bride’s Inn ask him to perform for the guests during the holiday season, he agrees…if only to satisfy his burning curiosity about the hype surrounding the purported ghost, ‘The Lady in White.’ Anthony is a debunker, a magician who seeks the truth behind the world’s most convincing hoaxes and myths. When he meets ethereal Crystal Lane, he wonders if there isn’t some magic in the world after all… Crystal Lane owns the jewelry concession at Bride’s Inn. Her unique gemstones and jewelry designs delight the prospective brides who book the charming old inn for their weddings. But a strange thing happens when Crystal cries - her eyes produce tiny ‘crystal’ tears. She's baffled doctors for years…and now, the Amazing Zodan. When Anthony levitates her during his act, Crystal is plunged into a world of erotic, sensual delights. She meets a mysterious, magic man who awakens passion in her body, a man who makes Crystal beg for his touch throughout the decadent, desire-filled night. Bound by their past, Anthony and Crystal are drawn together, reliving old haunts...and hurts. When Anthony seeks to exploit Crystal and her unique tears, she plunges headlong on a collision course with danger, and it will be up to Anthony to save Crystal and become her... MAGIC MAN.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00