Lying Eyes

Melissa and Tony Gibson have been married only four short months when Melissa received an email with incriminating photos of her husband in a compromising position taken the night before their wedding with his ex-girlfriend, Rachel Hill. Confronting him about it he told her that he had no recollection of the situation and begged for her to believe him. So angered and betrayed at him she asked him to leave. Both distraught over this outcome of events, Tony stormed out of the house.

Ryan, her neighbor from across the street, went over and rang the doorbell to see why Tony had torn out of the driveway in his vehicle like a madman. Ryan really liked Melissa and he didn't want to see her hurt in anyway. Melissa explained the situation and Ryan listened. She broke down giving him all the sorted details of the pictures and Ryan's heart broke seeing how hurt and fragile Melissa was at this point. Melissa always knew Ryan liked her, but she never did anything about it.

Did Melissa take actions into her own hands and do something that she shouldn't have done? What exactly happened? Did Tony ever return back home that night to talk more about things with his wife?

I enjoyed this story written by Ms. James. You could feel Melissa's raw emotions throughout the story and I felt for her. I loved the storyline and the characters were very colorful as I read along and became more and more engrossed in the story. I felt as if I was right there as another character in the story. I would recommend this entertaining read to others.

Book Blurb for Lying Eyes

** Warning** contains m/f/m menage a trois

Are you up for an experience like none other?

Melissa Gibson is devastated when she receives emailed pictures of her husband having sex with another woman-from the other woman!

Tony swears he has no memory of it as it happened at his bachelor party, but Melissa kicks him out and tells him their short marriage is over.

Enter the hunky neighbor, Ryan, who's wanted Melissa since the moment he met her. He consoles her over a few drinks, and Melissa asks Ryan to take her upstairs for a little revenge sex.

Only Tony returns and catches them in the act...with some very surprising news of his own.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.00