Lucky In Love

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Lucky In Love

Thirty-five year old Jordan Mackenzie, who lives in Colorado, hasn’t had the easiest of luck lately. But once she receives an official notice from a lawyer’s office stating that she is now the owner of her deceased aunt’s Lucky Seven Ranch in Tularosa, New Mexico, it seems like her luck is finally going to change for her.
Once she arrives at the ranch she realizes that not only does the ranch need some major updating, but also she knows nothing about successfully running this horse ranch that her Aunt Lydia put all of her blood, sweat and tears into.
Her luck just keeps getting better when two local gentlemen begin to help her settle into her new surroundings. Wyatt Brannigan teaches her how to run the ranch successfully while Cole Roberts helps her by taking on all the renovations that Lucky Seven Ranch needs.
Unfortunately, not everything runs as smoothly as everyone anticipates. Jordan also meets Addison Stillwell, a powerful land baron who will do anything to get his hands on Jordan’s property, along with his two thugs that continually torment Jordan in hopes that she finally sells her ranch to their boss, Addison.
Can Jordan overcome all the harassment she is receiving from Addison Stillwell and his thugs? How do Wyatt and Cole help her fight against Addison? Does she finally get disgusted enough with all the harassment and just sells her ranch to Addison? How do Wyatt and Cole fit into her personal life now that they are good friends with her?
This story was a pure delight to read. I immediately took a liking to Jordan and admired how tough she remained while being harassed by Addison and his bullies. I loved Wyatt and Cole and felt they were a perfect match to help Jordan overcome all the nonsense she was experiencing since her arrival in Tularosa, New Mexico. I was hoping that Jordan’s luck in love would change also now that she had Wyatt and Cole in her life. Ms. Coverstone penned a brilliant story wrapped around love, friendship and resiliency that I’m sure would delight any reader that picks up this story. I would definitely recommend this read to others and I eagerly look forward to reading more stories by Ms. Coverstone.  

Book Blurb for Lucky In Love

Jordan Mackenzie has left Colorado and her slug of a boyfriend for Tularosa, New Mexico, to claim the Lucky Seven Ranch--inherited from an aunt she met only once in her life.

Upon arrival, she meets two local men--outgoing, sexy contractor, Cole Roberts, who puts designs on both her and her house, and rugged rancher and neighbor, Wyatt Brannigan, who immediately involves himself in Jordan's life, and does his best to keep her out of trouble.

That trouble comes in the form of Addison Stillwell, a powerful land baron who will stop at nothing to get Jordan's ranch.

Settling into a new and challenging way of life, Jordan manages a herd of rescue horses, deals with an ornery goat, and discovers a family secret.

As she fights for her land and her life, Jordan realizes who it is that holds the key to her heart, but will she take a chance at becoming Lucky in Love?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 4.50