Luck Be a Lady

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Luck Be a Lady

Retro-loving librarian Megan West is honored to be the maid-of-honor for her cousin Faith. She’ll do everything in her power to make certain this wedding happens. You see, Faith was engaged before and just as the wedding was about to take place the groom skipped town. Faith was devastated and Megan did all she could to help Faith get over it. Now, being in love with Caine and soon to be wedded to him, Megan wants every single thing to be just right for her cousin and her wedding.

Unfortunately, just as the ceremony is underway, the doors fly open and this gorgeous man storms in trying to stop the wedding from happening. The only problem is he’s trying to stop the wrong people from marrying. Logan Doyle is there representing his family and trying to stop his grandfather, Buddy Doyle, who’s standing in as Caine’s best man, from marrying Faith’s grandmother Ingrid. He thinks that this is their wedding ceremony and since he knows that his grandfather can’t be married to two women simultaneously he needs to tell his grandfather the news the Doyle family has found out over the past few hours. When he realizes that this is Faith and Caine’s ceremony, they finally get to finish and move onto their reception.

Megan is furious at this guy Logan and makes no bones in telling him just what she thinks of his charade. He explains further what’s happening and things seriously start derailing for these two because there’s a hidden spark between them that they’re trying to fight as best they can. Neither wants a relationship, but there’s something that keeps pulling these two together.

When Megan finds out that Logan is a Chicago police detective a wedge is placed between them because she hates cops. She vowed after her girlfriend was assaulted by the same guy that she had set her up with, who just so happened to be a cop, that she would never get involved with a cop herself. But fate seems to have a different plan for her and Logan when he volunteers to help her search for the mother, who she just found out is still alive. Because she overheard a conversation between her father and her uncle that her mother wasn’t deceased, as they had led her to believe all her life, she knows that she must find her mother and ask her why she had abandoned her when she was a baby. As if this night isn’t crazy enough, it’s going to get even crazier for these two as they begin an insane journey together across Nevada while trying to find her mother.

Is this fate working to bring these two together? Do they finally start admitting they like each other and would like to explore their feelings a bit further? Or do they continue trying to avoid what’s really happening between them?

I really enjoyed this story and loved the author’s sense of humor throughout. I could see the whole story playing out in front of me and I felt like I was another crazy character in her book watching everything unfold. The characters were well-rounded and extremely believable. I loved the twists and turns of her plot and she had me wondering what awaited me on the next page I hadn’t read yet. If you’re looking for a book that will make you laugh out loud and allow you to walk away feeling completely satisfied, then this is the perfect story for you to pick up! I’m new to Ms. Linz and her writing, but she definitely has a new fan now!

Book Blurb for Luck Be a Lady

A shocking announcement at her cousin's Vegas wedding sends retro- loving librarian Megan West on a whirlwind tour across Nevada with brash cop Logan Doyle. It's the gamble-and perhaps love affair-of a lifetime... 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.00