Love You a Latte

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Love You a Latte


Annie Langdon, co-owner of Grounded for Life a local caf‚, was getting on with her life again after her twenty-five year marriage had dissolved. Her best friend and fellow co-owner, Kanika Jefferson, sometimes knew Annie better than Annie knew herself. Kanika knew it was time for Annie to get back it to the dating world. She wanted her to be happy again. In one single morning, Annie's luck began to change.

A new patron to the caf‚, Devon McMaster, started stopping in every morning for a latte and a fresh baked blueberry muffin. He would take his time eating his breakfast just to give himself the time to get to know Annie. She looked forward to his visits and no matter how much she planned conversations with him beforehand, one sight of him made her tongue tied. Her heart would skip a beat and she started to realize that she was interested in him, but extremely gun shy to do anything about it because her past marriage still left such a bad taste in her mouth. Poor Devon tried time and time again to drop hints to Annie that he was interested, but her na‹vet‚ from being out of the dating world for more than twenty-five years always made her miss the opportunity to take their friendship further.

Devon was extremely kind and patient to Annie understanding that it took time to ease back into dating because his wife pasted away two years prior and he needed to learn the ropes again, too. But after months of dropping hints to her, she still didn't bite. After taking advice from a friend of his, Devon decided to tell Annie that he was going on a casual breakfast date to see if there was any sign from Annie that she was interested in him. He wanted to see if she would talk him out of going on the date, but he didn't get the response he had hoped on getting.

He continued this charade of asking Annie for advice on supposedly other female interests, but all that happened was Annie would get herself more depressed that it wasn't her he was going out with. After eight months, during one of their many conversations together she decided to ask him how his last relationship was doing hoping that it would be crumbling so it would open the door for her to be with Devon. He told her that it was over with that woman, but now he was so much more interested in another named, Donna Neilgan. He asked Annie if she would help him catch this woman's eye so he could ask her out. Dejectedly, she gave him pointers yet again on how to do things to make a woman notice him, but wondered why she could never just tell him what she was thinking and feeling about him.

Two more weeks slipped away and she mustered everything she had in herself to ask how things were going with Donna. She hated thinking about him being with someone else or even liking someone else, especially the new competition she had with Donna. She didn't know why she just couldn't be open with him without getting tongue tied and making herself look like a complete fool. This time though, he professed how much he cared for Donna and how much he wanted to be with her, but he couldn't understand how she seemed still not to pick up on how he was really feeling. This made Annie mad. How could someone not notice this handsome, intelligent man? Why wouldn't Donna give him the time of day already? Lord knows Annie wanted to. She even made her Christmas wish to be that her and Devon would finally end up together, but at the rate everything was going, she saw this Christmas wish becoming less and less likely of being fulfilled. What was this woman to do to make things right again? What did it have to take to make Devon notice her and forget about Donna? Would Donna be kissing Devon under the mistletoe or would Annie hate Devon when she found out was really going on?

I thought this was a very enjoyable and absorbing read. You can easily fall in love with both Annie and Devon and can only hope that things work out for the both of them. I felt the pain they were bo

Book Blurb for Love You a Latte

If love was coffee, then for Annie Langdon, it would be thick, black, leave her with a bitter taste in her mouth, and acid in her stomach. The day Devon McMaster walks into her restaurant, however, Annie's heart begins to perk under his southern drawl and down home charm. Dumping her sweats for flattering jeans and trashing her "I'm not worth it," attitude in favour of "Go get him!" philosophy, she sets out to win his heart and free her own. This Christmas, Annie will learn that men, like coffee, can come in all sorts of decadent varieties.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.00