Love On A Wire

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Love On A Wire

Although Casey Masters has been divorced now for three years, she isn’t seeing anyone special at the moment. Thanks to her ex-husband leaving a bad taste in her mouth because he cheated on her numerous times while they were married, she is just keeping herself busy with her job and her life for now. That all changes though when she receives an email from her Aunt Beverly telling Casey all the latest news regarding her and Uncle Ed, who are temporarily living in Japan because of Ed’s engineering job. Casey loves reading her aunt’s emails, but this one seems to make the biggest impact on Casey.
In Aunt Beverly’s email she mentions to Casey that they had a few of Uncle Ed’s colleagues over for dinner one night and one of them is named Daniel Gannon. He comments on Casey’s wedding picture after finding out that she is now divorced and he tells Beverly & Ed that he wonders why Casey had married such a moron. He thinks that she is very attractive and can’t stop complimenting how beautiful Casey is. Now Aunt Beverly makes certain that she mentions Daniel is also single before sending her email to her niece.
Casey decides to reply back to her aunt and includes a brief note to Daniel at the bottom, asking her aunt to forward it to him. Aunt Beverly does just that and soon Casey and Daniel begin corresponding to each other. They talk often through email over the next few weeks and they begin to form a friendship with one another. Neither one realizes though just how much the emailing back and forth has possibly pushed their friendship into something more between them.
Do they acknowledge that this may be something more going on between them? Do they ever talk on the phone or decide to meet each other in person? How much longer will Aunt Beverly, Uncle Ed and Daniel be residing in Japan?
I am a true fan of Ms. Barrett’s work. Each of her stories has a different flavor to them and she entertains me every single time. She is such an experienced storyteller. I love picking up one of her stories because I know I will always be thoroughly engaged into the storyline for the length of time I’m reading it. She does not disappoint her readers ever and she always leaves you wanting to read more from her. I fell in love with both Casey and Daniel and I had hoped that they would hit it off with one another. It seems their friendship started over one little compliment and developed into something magical while they were corresponding with each other. This story was a fun, light read for me and since it was short, it can fit into any reader’s hectic schedule. I would definitely recommend it to other readers. You won’t be disappointed with this story and Ms. Barrett is definitely an author to look into if you are new to her and her work.   

Book Blurb for Love On A Wire

Two lonely people brought together by a meddling aunt's matchmaking find more than just friendship over the Internet.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 5.00