Love Me, Love My Sweetcheeks

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Love Me, Love My Sweetcheeks

Ali Summers can’t help but lust after her hunky neighbor, Josh Sommers, who lives across the hall from her. Thanks to their older mailman having poor vision, they frequently receive each other’s mail because their names are spelled so similarly. Ali loves when Josh comes over to exchange his mail with her, but it seems he gets all nervous and flustered every time he comes to give her the mail.
Ali has a PhD in human sexuality and has written numerous books on male-female relationships. She writes a weekly column, ‘Talkin’ Sexy’ and it’s a big hit with the readers of SIZZLE since its inception two years ago. She also keeps busy doing a phone-in show every Wednesday night answering sex questions from her callers. When Josh comes over to exchange mail with her one day, she invites him into her apartment for a cup of coffee. He happens to glance at a book Ali has lying around, Talkin’ Sexy – Everything You Ever Wanted To Say But Were Afraid To, and he finds it a total turn-on that she is so openly sexual.
Since seeing that book, Josh gets the crazy idea that Ali runs a phone sex talk line at home. Then, he hears some crazy comments coming from the other room and he begins to think that he should leave now. Ali doesn’t want him to leave just yet, so she decides to introduce him to her crazy, sex talking African parrot named Sweetcheeks. The bird talks to Josh and begins blabbering, “Josh is hot,” and “Let’s be bad, big boy.” The poor guy is ready to die from the bird’s comments. He finally leaves her apartment knowing that he would do anything though to get her phone number and to get to know her better.
What exactly does Josh do to get closer to Ali? How does he deal with Ali and her sex talking bird, Sweetcheeks? Does Ali jump at the opportunity to get to know Josh better when he begs for her to help him out with a favor he needs done for his job? Do they finally admit to one another that they find each other attractive?
Ms. Destler did a wonderful job entertaining me with this fun, fresh and sexy story. I loved the storyline and I laughed out loud with all of Sweetcheeks’ comments to Josh. The author did a fantastic job sprinkling her humor throughout this hot, short story of hers. I absolutely love how she weaves animals and their humorous antics into her storylines. Even Rafferty, Josh’s best friend’s golden retriever from Love Me, Love My Rafferty has a cameo in this story. If you’re looking for a short, light story to put a smile on your face and make you chuckle, this is definitely one you should consider. I highly recommend this story and I’m definitely adding it to my library.

Book Blurb for Love Me, Love My Sweetcheeks

Josh Sommers just wants to mind his own business, but when the mailman keeps getting Josh's mail mixed up with that of Ali Summers, his sinfully tempting neighbor from across the hall, he has to put up with suggestive come-ons from Sweetcheeks the parrot. Not that he wouldn't mind putting some of Sweetcheeks' suggestions to use with Ali, but is he willing to risk his heart?

Ali has a severe case of the 'hots' for her handsome neighbor Josh, but he resists her efforts to lead him into tempatation. With a little help from Sweetcheeks, a red phone, and some sexy talk, will Ali finally have her way with the sexy hunk?

29 Pages

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 5.00