Love Fool

Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic

Miller wasn't the type of girl to get drunk and wake up in a stranger's bed, but there is always a first time for everything. After moving from Los Angeles to start a new life for herself, twenty-four year old Mandy decided to now live in Austin, Texas.

In doing this move she decided to pursue her career as a talent manager. She had this hot, new band called Tastes Like Chicken and she was going to do everything possible to try and get them a gig to get their name out there. Walking into Joe Paloma's club she convinced his entertainment manager to give her unknown band the stage for a month of Thursdays at no charge. This usually was an undefeatable task, but Mandy worked her magic and got what she wanted. While there, she started having some fun with three man twice her size by having a tequila shot contest. Needless to say she got so drunk that she passed out on the pavement outside of the club. Next thing she knew she woke up in this strange man's bed and assumed the worst. With a really bad hangover she tried remembering all the details from the night before, but she couldn't recall everything.

As she began talking to this strange guy she finds out that it is Joe Paloma, the owner of Austin's hottest music venue, Austin's most notorious womanizer and a very successful music producer. She nearly freaked when she heard this. Although he was strikingly handsome with dirty blond hair and deep blue eyes, this wasn't the impression she wanted to be giving him. Now she was completely embarrassed. Although she was very much attracted to him, she decided the best thing to do was leave his place.

What happened after Mandy left Joe's place? Did she decide to continue working with her band and just act as if nothing happened between Joe and her? Did she pull them from the gig because of the embarrassment of having to see Joe for the next month every Thursday? Did anymore sparks fly between Mandy and Joe? Did Tastes Like Chicken get a name for themselves in the end? Read this page turning story to find out these answers and so much more.

I really liked this story because right from the beginning I felt bad for Mandy. She was trying her hardest to have a successful life and career in Austin, Texas and it seemed like no matter what she tried she was going to have to work extremely hard to achieve both. The characters were well developed and I found the storyline smooth flowing and very engrossing. Joe and Mandy's quirkiness worked very well together and it made this story a real page turner for me. It is a definite keeper in my library.

Book Blurb for Love Fool

Mandy Miller is hardly the type of woman who engages in casual sexual encounters. Unfortunately she is the type to fall head over heels for all the wrong kinds of men. Men just like the handsome cowboy lying next to her who—aside from the fact they've apparently slept together—she doesn't know from Adam.

The last thing Joe Paloma wants is a relationship after a divorce that pulled his heart out through his nose with a rusty fishing hook. But he can't deny he's tempted to give up his bad-boy ways if it means waking up to Mandy every morning.

Neither expects the extremes of passion or the depths of love they'll find now that they've met their match—another brave enough to love with the heart of a fool.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.50