Love Floats

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Love Floats

Kelsey Ryan, who worked in the family business, Ryan's Nurseries, headed to her appointment to give her new client an estimate. When she pulled into the marina and saw that she'd be working her design and landscaping talents on the deck of a boat docked in Lake Ontario, she thought she was losing her mind. Double checking the address again she was definitely right about where she was.

She approached the boat and a gentleman by the name of Mitch Downs introduced himself to her. He helped her aboard and said that his father had told him that he should be expecting her today. When they first set sights on each other, there was an immediate attraction between them. Realizing why she was there in the first place, she inquired what he wanted done. He explained that all the work on the deck had to be completed for the wedding in two weeks. Kelsey was a bit surprised by the news. After her fifteen month relationship hiatus from Alan her ex-boyfriend, she sure knew how to pick them. Of all the guys, she had to pick one that was almost practically married.

She gave her estimate to him on the work he wanted done and he signed the contract with her right then and there. Since the wedding was taking place in two weeks, she knew she had to immediately get all the supplies and start working as soon as possible. She never anticipated that it was going to be the toughest two weeks of her life though to work for him. As she neared the end of her job, she was given the surprise of her life.

What was the surprise that Kelsey was in for? How did she react to it? What was going through Mitch's mind the whole time Kelsey was working for him? When he found out what Kelsey was thinking, did he finally understand where she was coming from with her assumption?

Stacy Dawn has done it again! She is truly a talented author that knows how to entertain her readers each and every single time. She had me laughing out loud with the crazy antics and thoughts of both Kelsey and Mitch. This was a fun romantic read that you shouldn't pass up. This is a definite keeper in my library.

Book Blurb for Love Floats

Garden landscaper, Kelsey Ryan, is surprised to find her current client doesn't have any land. Yet the challenge isn't in creating a deck garden for his houseboat, but in keeping the hunky graphic artist from growing on her, especially when she thinks the garden is for his wedding day.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 5.00