Losing Patience: An Orchard Hill Romance

Orchard Hill Series

Shaun Thiesen’s jealous nature and quick temper made his wife Patience decide to leave him for awhile to think of what her next step was going to be. She loves Shaun very much, but just can’t handle him when he gets into one of his quick temper moods. These moods are happening more frequently too. She knows she has to decide what she’s going to do soon because she is pregnant with their first child. Not knowing where else to go right now, in the interim, she stays at her Aunt Elaine’s house and hopes that Shaun will spend this time turning his life around and deciding if he really wants her back in his life again. But even if he does want her back, she worries how he’ll respond when he finds out she’s pregnant. You see, she left before telling him.
Knowing he made a big mistake losing the one person he truly loves, he wants anything in the world to get his wife back. But losing their apartment isn’t helping matters right now either. Pastor Isaac takes him in and offers him counseling because he feels that Shaun is truly remorseful for his ways. But is the counseling sessions and going to church enough to make Shaun work hard at winning Patience back? Or is it already too late?
This is another installment of the Orchard Hill series and I am absolutely smitten with the series. Ms. Russell writes a story with such emotion that it’s hard not to fall in love with her story and her characters. The author knows how to tug at your heart strings while she’s leading you through the evolving story. I love her creative storylines and her characters come alive for me every time. Although I tuned into the series toward the end, each book the author writes can standalone in the series. I eagerly look forward to catching up with the previous titles Ms. Russell released under the Orchard Hill name. This is definitely an author to keep your eye on!

Book Blurb for Losing Patience: An Orchard Hill Romance

Orchard Hill Residents – lock up your hearts!

Pansy Parker and Misty Green are rivals in romance. Each believes she is the town’s best matchmaker. Now, they’re going to settle the question for once and for all. They’re keeping track to see who can make the most matches in a year’s time.

No heart is safe in Orchard Hill – not even their own.

Shaun Thiesen’s jealous nature and quick temper drove his wife Patience away. Since then he’s been through counseling with Pastor Isaac and gotten involved with the church. Now he’s just waiting for his second chance. When he learns Patience is visiting her parents for Thanksgiving, he thinks this may be it. In only a few precious days he has to win back his wife, and suddenly the stakes are raised when Patience tells him he’s going to be a father. Can Shaun show convince her they deserve a second chance?


Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 5.00