Long Summer Nights

Where You Least Expect It, Blaze #541

Jennifer Dade is a journalist working for a major Manhattan newspaper and lands her next assignment in Harmony Springs, an upstate community. For the next two weeks she’s there to cover the Summer Nights Festival and write a piece that will wow the socks off her boss well enough to save her job at the newspaper. Since her competition is sleeping with the boss, she knows her article has to pack a strong punch to stay employed there.
Arriving at Harmony Springs turns out to be more than Jenn bargained for. There aren’t many options available to her in the means of accommodations, so she settles with staying in a local cabin that barely has any creature comforts she’s looking for. She figures it’s only for two weeks so she can manage until she returns home – at least she hopes anyway. But covering this story is going to uncover a few challenges Jenn never saw coming. Like meeting Aaron, who’s a writer and living in cabin three. He loves his privacy and hates being around crowds and noise. When Jenn meets Aaron things turn from bad to worse for her instantaneously.
What happens when Jenn meets Aaron? Do they manage to put up with each other long enough for Jenn to finish her assignment? What happens to Jenn during her two week stay in this quiet community? Does she save her job at the newspaper by writing a killer story or does she lose her job and have to start over again?
I really enjoyed getting to know Jenn throughout the story and I found myself hoping that her writing talent helped her in keeping her job with the assignment due. When Aaron was introduced into the picture, I wasn’t too certain what to make of him immediately. He seemed like an arrogant moron who enjoyed being a recluse in his cabin. As I got to know him better, I wanted to see why he was the way he was and what were the circumstances that put him there in the first place. I was hoping that something happened between Jenn and Aaron because their chemistry was undeniable even though they seemed polar opposites. Ms. O’Reilly did a superb job telling this story and crafted wonderfully flawed characters that people could relate to in more ways than one. This book is one that shouldn’t be passed up!

Book Blurb for Long Summer Nights

Get away from it all...and have it all!

Journalist Jennifer Dale is on assignment, pretending that miserable isolation in upstate New York is the greatest thing ever. The only bright spot? The wickedly sexy recluse across the lake, who swims in the buff. Now, there's some wildlife a gal can enjoy watching over and over and over....

When Jennifer suffers a slight boating mishap, Hot Swimming Guy comes to her rescue. Turns out Aaron Barksdale is hot enough to switch her damsel's distress into a damsel undressed! But Aaron is more than a hot summer night between the sheets--he's also an award-winning author who disappeared from the public eye years ago. Revealing all could be the scoop of the century, but only if Jennifer's willing to risk it all.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 4.50