Listen to What I See

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Listen to What I See

I found this story to be one of delight at times and pure heartbreak at others. Through its entirety the story told of the lessons learned in life, the love one discovers in other people and the heartache that finds each one of us one time or another in life’s journey. It intrigued me from the very beginning and I enjoyed learning about the past of this recluse of a man and understanding how it was because of those life changing experiences that he turned into the man he was today.
I absolutely loved that the author penned this story in the first person point of view. Because of this, it gave the story such personal depth I felt as if I had known this reclusive man personally all along. This author definitely mastered writing in the first person, whereas this is a task that not every author can master in their lifetime. I liked how this story came off with such a unique and fresh air about it. It’s definitely one any reader should consider reading and adding to their library. I’m new to C.K. Gentry but because of this story, I am eager to learn what other stories the author might have available to read.  

Book Blurb for Listen to What I See

The story starts with an intelligent farm boy, withdrawn from everyone. He accelerates into adulthood as a wealthy business owner.

Then he meets Holly.

Read along as you discover their unstoppable intimate passion, their unpredictable tear-filled encounters, and their spirited laughter of living.   Discover how Holly captured the heart of a cold, reclusive man. How she taught him to be loving and compassionate. Experience the warm sensation as you find yourself captured in their passion. Hold back the goose-bumps as they face unimaginable challenges and tears as they struggle with them.

Embrace their inspiration as you turn the pages into their world, a world hidden from others; their inseparable world.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.00