Lilies and Lies

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Lilies and Lies

Jillian Connelly, a florist shop owner, was struggling to make ends meet.  Things just weren’t working out for her as of late.  Not only was she struggling to keep her floral shop running smoothly and efficiently, but she was the maid of honor of her best friend’s bridal party and Jillian’s ex-boyfriend, Kent, was going to be there also.  She really didn’t want to see Kent, but she couldn’t get out of not going to her best friend’s wedding.
Racing around doing last minute things before the wedding, she decided to stop at the local coffee shop for a caffeine fix.  She was against time because she still had so many customer floral pieces to make and she didn’t even start on her girlfriend’s bridal bouquet.  If things weren’t bad enough for her that morning, she handed the cashier her credit card to pay for her coffee and she was told that they no longer accepted plastic.  While digging deep into her purse to find some loose money, she heard a sexy voice coming from behind her.  He offered to pay for her cup of coffee and she was beyond embarrassed at this point.  She accepted his offer and they talked for a few minutes.  She couldn’t get over just how hot and sexy this guy was.  This man was definitely a twenty on a scale for one to ten.
She found out his name was Garrett Guinness.  Thirty-one year old Garrett was extremely taken by Jillian.  Since she didn’t really have much time to chat, she politely excused herself to rush back to the floral shop to get her orders filled and start her girlfriend’s bouquet.  Kicking herself she wondered if she would ever see Garrett again since they didn’t exchange phone numbers.
Did Jillian ever run into Garrett again?  Who really was this Garrett Guinness character?  What happened while she was at the wedding reception?  Did Jillian’s luck finally change for her?
Ms. Greenbaum penned a funny and romantic story for us to enjoy.  I loved the storyline and the characters played well off each other.  I was hoping that some luck would finally find its way to Jillian since so much bad luck had already happened to her.  I loved Garrett because he was trying to be an ordinary guy in Jillian’s eyes without having all his extra baggage get in the way.  I adored this story and I would definitely recommend it for others to read.  I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Book Blurb for Lilies and Lies

Hard working Jillian Connelly is struggling.
Struggling to launch her fledgling florist shop, to pay her bills, to get over her cheating ex-fiancee. The last thing she needs is a new boyfriend. So how is she supposed to be the composed maid of honor in her best friend’s wedding when her ex is the best man? And what is she going to do when her attempted one-night stand wants more?
Billionaire hotelier Garrett McGuinness is tired.
Tired of women who want his money, of superficiality, of the game. All he wants is a little peace and a woman who loves him for himself, not his wallet. No way is he going to spoil his chances with Jillian by admitting his true identity. She’s everything he dreamed of in a woman, except for her aversion to liars…And he’s dug himself a whopping hole with his!


Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.50