Letters From Home

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Letters From Home

I absolutely loved this story written by Ms. Barrett. She has a way of telling a story and making you feel like you’re another character seeing everything unfold in front of you. I have read many stories written by this wonderful author and I am never disappointed with her work.
I loved Phoebe Honeycutt, otherwise known as Bee to everyone, because although she wasn’t seeing anyone, all the town folks wanted to fix her up with any available bachelor they laid eyes on. She was a caring and loving individual that gave her time and love freely to all her friends and what remaining family she had left. I felt bad for her that she had her heart broken in the past and I hoped that as the story was unraveling, she would meet someone who would knock her socks off.
I also fell in love with John Caldwell. Besides being smart and extremely sexy looking, he was a real gentleman at heart. He was extremely thankful to receive letters from Bee and have her send him care packages while he was serving in the military overseas. Little did he know though that the “Aunt Bee” he was writing to wasn’t as old as he had imagined her to be after all. Once finding this out, sparks began to fly and his theory of just remaining friends was seriously in question.  
I would highly recommend this story to others. I assure you that you will walk away with such a warm feeling in your heart and a huge smile spread across your face. Ms. Barrett did a wonderful job within these pages and I eagerly look forward to reading many more of her stories in the future. Great job!

Book Blurb for Letters From Home

Phoebe Honeycutt, Aunt Bee to half the neighborhood kids, is faced with the uncomfortable task of having to inform someone of a loved one's passing. But she made a promise to her friend, and refuses to break it. Surprisingly, and much to her delight, Specialist John Caldwell, now serving overseas, writes back and they begin a regular exchange of letters that stirs something deep inside her. Something she tries to ignore, time and again. The only problem is, John thinks she's an old lady!

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 5.00