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Book Two in the Kiss Series

Kat Sullivan is a feisty small-town girl that loves her friends and the place she calls home, Summerville. She becomes even feistier in her ways when she is introduced to Jared Martin, a discount store mega mogul that wants to come in and change Summerville into a multi-million dollar town. He wants to buy out all the stores in Summerville and erect one enormous shopping place called MegaMart. When Kat gets face to face with Jared she shows him her true stripes and fights him all the way for the town and the people that are near and dear to her heart. The only problem is that Kat and Jared are extremely attracted to each other, which seems to only complicate matters even more. 
Will Kat be able to think clearly enough through her raging hormones and be able to prove Jared wrong that he and his discount chain don’t belong in her small town? Or will Jared fight for what he believes will be the best move for him and Summerville? Can these two ever find it within their hearts to meet half way?
Ms. Chernow has outdone herself yet again. I loved the storyline she created and how she made Kat to be this fierce and feisty small-town girl with a huge heart. I wanted so much for Kat to win the battle against Jared, but I also wanted them both to get past their differences so they could possibly enjoy something more between them. I found this story to be quite entertaining and it came alive for me from the very first page. I love Ms. Chernow’s writing style and eagerly look forward to reading many more stories from her in the future.   

Book Blurb for Kiss

What happens when a discount store mega mogul meets a small-town girl who designs sexy lingerie?

Jared Martin hasn't seen a small town like Summerville since he was a little boy.  He'll do anything to stay in Summerville and build his MegaMart store in the heart of its retail district.  Kat Sullivan, owner Summerville's exclusive lingerie shop, KISS, has other plans.  She won't allow the handsome, money-hungry, discount-store giant to get his hands on her store, so she hatches a plan that's sure to send Mr. Moneybags running from Summerville. 

Being in a small town like Summerville stirs up feelings Jared thought were long gone, feelings he thought he could control until he meets the beautiful, feisty owner of KISS, but Kat Sullivan has a few secrets.  KISS provides Summerville with more than exquisite lingerie; it provides hope to many of the town's ladies.  When Jared threatens to expose what he thinks is really going on behind closed doors at KISS, it’s up to Kat to protect both KISS' reputation, and the ladies of Summerville.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 5.00