Juli's Choice

Julie Gregenmeyer, a local veterinarian in Missouri, loved her job and had a dream of one day opening her own horse rescue named Morningstar Haven. She envisioned it to be a place for retired or injured racehorses to live out the rest of their lives in peace. The only two things holding her up from making this dream a reality was a promise she had to fulfill to her deceased grandmother who set up a trust fund for Juli. The two things were that she had to turn thirty years old and marry the same year. As long as those two requirements were fulfilled, the trust money was hers to use on buying land to make the horse rescue a reality. If she wasn’t married by then, she would have to wait an additional ten years to have the money released to her with no strings attached at that point.
So far, everything seemed to be working in Juli’s favor. She was turning thirty in five months and marrying the handsome and intelligent pediatrician, Harris Monroe, in four months. Things were falling into place quite nicely for Juli and her dream of opening the horse rescue was within reach finally.
Then one night she received an emergency page to help in the delivery of Riley Hampton’s prize mare that was having delivery complications. Riley was a former Olympic equestrian competitor and once the mare delivered her colt, Juli’s world started quickly spinning out of control for her.
What exactly happened after she delivered the colt at Riley’s training farm? Was she truly in love with Harris or was he a mere convenience to grab hold of her trust fund that awaited her? Did Riley and Julie strike up a friendship because of the emergency his prized mare went through during her mishap delivery? What hard lessons were in store for Juli, Harris and Riley?
Ms. Winter pens a remarkable story of love, passion and some hard lessons learned from the game life throws our way. I was thoroughly entertained with the story from the very beginning and I was rooting Juli on to stand up for what she truly believed in. I hated Harris for even thinking that Juli was going to give up her vet practice so she could be around more once they were married. He viewed her as arm candy for his socialite functions and didn’t truly see the deep love she had for helping injured and infirmed animals. He felt his practice of being a pediatrician was more important than her practicing her veterinarian medicine. The only problem was did Juli decide to give up everything she wanted to appease Harris’ wishes? Ms. Winter did a fabulous job with this story. I would definitely recommend this author to any reader and I eagerly look forward to reading more of her work in the future.  

Book Blurb for Juli's Choice

Veterinarian Juli Gregenmyer's long-awaited engagement is turning into a nightmare. With each passing day it's becoming evident that her dream of opening a horse rescue is suddenly in jeopardy due to her controlling fiancée.
Riley Hampton, a former Olympic equestrian, isn't expecting the sexy doctor who responds to his emergency call when his prize mare is in labor. His chosen sport favors the bold. He knows convincing Juli that they're good together will take the same skills he uses to navigate a water hazard-soft hands and gentle persuasion.
Juli isn't accustomed to men who comprehend her desires-both the professional and the carnal. But now it's time for her to choose. She can either follow her head, or her heart.
This is a revised and updated edition of a book previously published by the same title.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.50