Jane's Prize

Jane Chartraine’s application that she sent to the lawyers in Cove Bay for the Newland Challenge was accepted. She was so happy that they had chosen her because she was in desperate need of the five thousand dollars that was being offered by the elderly cousin, Alexander, who wanted to make certain the estate he was eventually going to sell, wasn’t haunted. All Jane had to do was some videotaping of the place a few times throughout the forty-eight hours she was to live in the mansion. She was going to help dispel the rumors that the Newland mansion was actually haunted.
While staying in the mansion, everything seemed normal as can be at first. But everything changed for Jane when she actually witnessed Pierce and his evil stepmother, Maria arguing in one of the rooms. The big problem was they were both ghosts.
What was Jane to do now that she had actually witnessed two ghosts in the mansion? Was she filming when she saw them fighting? What else did she see firsthand, while they were arguing, that would change her life from that moment forward? Did the ghosts notice Jane in the room with them?
This was a fun story to read and I eagerly couldn’t wait to finish it just to see how Ms. Dawson tied up all the loose ends with this storyline. This story was creatively written and the characters were extremely believable within their interactions together. If you love ghost stories, I would definitely recommend this entertaining read to everyone.

Book Blurb for Jane's Prize

The challenge was forty-eight hours in a supposedly haunted mansion. Success would change Jane’s life forever. She didn’t know that the Newland mansion really was haunted, and that Pierce Newland would walk straight from the ghostly reproduction of his murder into her arms—and her heart.

Time as a ghost doesn’t offer many opportunities for more intimate encounters, and Pierce’s return to life is an opportunity that he isn’t going to squander. Not-so-plain Jane may have a few hurdles to overcome as she fits him into her life, but Pierce is determined that her new priority is going to be their blooming relationship, and if that means dedicating both time and attention to perfecting their physical chemistry, so be it!

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.50