In Dreams

Saylor Keene was intent on becoming the doctor her deceased mother wanted her to be while growing up. Saylor studied hard and worked full-time putting herself through medical school. She wasn't anything like her older sister, Keefer, was. Keefer became the nurse her mom wanted her to be, but because of the lack of affection she had been missing since their mom died of cancer when Saylor was thirteen and Keefer fifteen, she became very promiscuous when it came to men. Saylor was just the opposite of her sister. Now, at twenty-three, she was still a virgin. Until things changed one night in October while walking to her car from a late night study session at the library.

She wasn't paying attention because she was just so overtired from her studies and work that while walking to her car she walked right into a man walking. She immediately was taken back by the male presence, but liked what she saw standing in front of her. He had silvery, blond hair and deep, intense blue eyes. He was extremely pleasant on her sore and tired eyes. They introduced themselves to one another and shook hands. He said his name was Thane. She hurriedly ended the conversation and he let go of her hand. She immediately rubbed where he was just touching. There was a strange electrifying tingle that radiated through it. She said goodbye to him and his reply to her was, "Sweet Dreams." She was thrown off guard by such a strange comment made by someone she had only just met. She got in her car, locked the doors and drove home thinking about her encounter the entire time.

She entered her apartment and was so exhausted she crawled immediately into bed. Instantly she fell asleep. She dreamt of something roaming around through the darkness and fog she saw and felt like they were trying to draw her near. She had no fear and wanted whatever it was to touch her. She jumped from her sleep and found herself sweaty and breathing hard. She tried calming herself and laid down to go back to sleep.

The following day, she was exhausted from a fitful nights sleep, but she had to head to work. She spoke to one of her fellow waitress friends and explained the dream to her. Her friend just dismissed it as Saylor being sexually frustrated. Looking at the facts, she was twenty-three and still a virgin. She should be sexually frustrated at this point. Saylor went home that afternoon after work and tried to study for the Chemistry test she was having the next day, but she just couldn't concentrate. She decided that a nap wouldn't hurt her and then when she awoke, she would do her studying. As she fell asleep all she thought about was Thane making love to her. Her body was feeling every single sensation of him working his magic on her and she loved every minute of it. He said goodbye to her and she awoke an hour later. She realized that she was naked now and in the dark. She fumbled around a bit and stumbled to switch the light on. She couldn't believe her eyes. Her clothes were strewn across the floor and when she looked at the front door, it was ajar. She ran over to close and lock it. She was terrified. Did Thane look her up in the phone book and come by her apartment to have his way with her? If so, she had to admit that she enjoyed him immensely.

Thane had left Saylor's apartment and disappeared into the darkness as he shifted back into the cloud of shimmering essence that was his normal existence. He wanted Saylor more now. Her sweet innocence attracted him and he never had a true virgin before. In his six hundred years of existence as an incubus, he had never met anyone like Saylor that was so pure and innocent. Maybe she could be the one to break him of the evil curse he was put under from Alexandra, a past lover, who only wanted him as her sex toy. He was so in love with Alexandra that he asked her to run away with him to a place where her much older husband would never find them. She laughed at him and explained th

Book Blurb for In Dreams

Saylor Keene studies hard. It's the only way she is going to make it through med school. She denies herself even the smallest of pleasures, like Saturday night dates. Most of her Saturday nights are spent in the library, pouring over medical journals. But Saylor doesn't worry about it. There will be time for men later, after she finishes school.

What Saylor doesn't realize is that sometimes, you can deny yourself only for so long. That if you don't satisfy your body's craving, your mind may figure out a way. Then fate will take over. Fate or . something else.

Thane needs to find another. He's been without a woman for too long. His hunger is growing. His hunger for the essence that only comes with female satisfaction. He can feel her, on the night breeze. He tracks her, this innocent one, but when she is revealed to him, Thane's world as he knows it is thrown into chaos. He has to have her.this Saylor Keene. And soon, he finds out that his very existence hinges on this one, innocent woman.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 5.00