If Tombstones Could Talk

Melanie Sparks, a history enthusiast and lawyer by trade, decided to take a walking tour of the cemetery in her new Colorado town. The tour leader, John Nelson, was a great storyteller and filled Melanie and the others on tour with plenty of facts regarding the town. While finishing up on the tour, Melanie started experiences some strange feelings as John began explaining about Andrew Lindeman, the last tombstone they were looking at and the person that the town was named after. They were told that Andrew died a tragic death during the Pike's Peak Gold Rush in 1859.

While John was explaining the story wrapped around Andrew, Melanie saw a tall, dark and handsome man with dark eyes glittering from beneath the brim of his black Stetson off to the side. Glancing at the other people on the tour with her, it seemed that she was the only one who saw this gentleman. She was taken back by it and thought she must just be seeing things. Could that be Andrew that she was seeing? He disappeared and Melanie wasted no time in hurrying home after her frightening experience.

On Saturday morning, Melanie awoke from the strangest dream ever. It contained a handsome man, his dark horse, gunshots and a raging river. When she woke she couldn't help but keep replaying the dream over and over in her head.

What was going on? Who was that man? Why was he haunting her while awake and asleep? Was this Andrew Lindeman and was he trying to give Melanie a message? What was the message?

I really enjoyed this story by Ms. Netzel. The storyline was creative and the characters were very colorful. It held my interest from the very beginning and I would definitely recommend it to others.

Book Blurb for If Tombstones Could Talk

History aficionado Melanie Sparks takes a walking tour of the cemetery in her new Colorado town and learns more about one of the past residents than she ever could've imagined. The story behind Andrew Lindeman's tragic death during the Pike's Peak Gold Rush in 1859 triggers dreams in which she relives his last moments. She's drawn closer to the handsome ghost while she resolves to clear his tarnished name. A passionate kiss sets his spirit free, but will Melanie lose her heart for good?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.00