Hypnotic Hannah

A professional psychic for twelve years, Hannah periodically added new skills to help her customers. After becoming a certified hypnotherapist, her friends throw her a big celebration party at Bill’s house, a close friend of hers. Once all of the other guests leave, only five other people remain. They are all closest friends to Hannah and they all stay to continue the party. This is when the celebration really begins.
Using her psychic ability, Hannah begins explaining to her friends all the messages she is continually inundated with when she is with each one of them. Once all their honest feelings are out in the open, they all begin to experiment with each other. Ironically though, it’s Hannah who has to deal with being submissive to one of her male friends and she isn’t used to being like this.
Does Hannah submit to her male admirer? Is she surprised as the situation unfolds itself to her? Through this experimentation, are new bonds formed between certain people?
If you are interested in reading a story where non-traditional sexual practices are in play, this will definitely be a story to look into. Ms. Dragon described the scenes very vividly and I felt as if I was in the scene as another one of Hannah’s friends. Also, from my perspective, I felt that the storyline was very creative and quite unique.

Book Blurb for Hypnotic Hannah

Genre: Non-romance BDSM Non-Traditional Sexualities Paranormal

Length: Novella

Psychic, Hannah knows her friends have unfulfilled needs but they need a little nudge to explore them. So she hypnotizes them to lower their sexual inhibitions for one night. Two women and four men eagerly try every combination they desire. New connections develop, challenging them to push beyond their past experiences and their fears. But it's Hannah who faces the biggest challenge of all.

Hannah's always considered herself sexually open and experimental. To her surprise, the one man in the group who doesn't believe in her powers wants to take her sexual willingness to a new level. He wants her to be his submissive for the night. From ménage and more to sex swings and submission, even Hannah couldn't have predicted the turn this night will take for them all.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM, exhibitionism, homoerotic sexual practices (m/m, f/f), masturbation, menage, spanking, voyeurism.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 3.50