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Blaze #503 - The Wrong Bed

Twenty-seven year old Amanda LaGrange has decided she needs a change from her less than normal life. You see, Amanda works for the Paranormal Assessment and Recovery Agency. She has had clairvoyant abilities since the age of eight years old and for the past six years has used her ability to see and talk to ghosts to make a living.

She has made plenty of friends working at PARA because they all have special abilities one way or another and this has made it easier for them to be able to relate to each other. But one coworker in particular, Jacob Caine, who has worked for PARA the past two years, just seems to be the thorn in her side. Since their first meeting, there was an immediate attraction to one another, but once he made reference to one of her dreaded nicknames from her childhood, “Amanda the Strange,” she was instantaneously turned off by him. No matter how hard he tries to get along with her while passing each other in the office, she is cold to him and refuses to work with him on any assignments. Now, since Amanda has met her boyfriend, David, who has no idea of her clairvoyant abilities, she realizes she longs for a normal, quiet life and he would be the ideal guy to have it with. The only major issue is she isn’t in love with David. Nonetheless, she decides that she’s going to move in with him in his place in New York City and work in his advertising agency.

Finishing up her last week of work, Patrick, her boss does the unthinkable. He pairs her up with Jacob saying there was no other agent available to work this assignment with her. She reluctantly decides to do it with the hopes that it will be over and done with pretty quickly.

Jacob and Amanda have a two hour drive to their assignment and they are extremely uncomfortable with each other the entire ride there. They start discussing the case to break the ice between them. A woman named Sheila Davis recently inherited the property from a distant uncle. While she was doing a walk-through she heard strange noises and had a sense of being pushed out of the house. She wants to sell the house, but knows if she doesn’t have it assessed for paranormal activity and have the problem taken care of if it’s truly haunted, it could very well prevent her from finding a buyer.

As Jacob and Amanda walk into the house, she definitely feels activity. She can sense more than one spirit haunting the place, but she isn’t able to see if they’re going to be a problem or not for them. Walking around some more she knows now there is a man and woman who were involved romantically in some way and are still bound to the house. The question is though what happened to the both of them and why have they not crossed over yet?
When they discover everything is wrapped around an old grandfather clock that casts a magic spell at the stroke of midnight, the playing field changes drastically for how both Amanda and Jacob handle the case.
What happens during their investigation which is so different than any other assignment they’ve been on? Are they able to exorcise the ghosts without any problems? Are Amanda and Jacob able to get past their previous differences and become friends after this assignment?
I loved this story from the very beginning. I felt bad for Amanda that she viewed her ability as a curse and not a gift. I also felt bad for her that she seemed to be settling with new changes in her life just to be more “normal” like everyone else. I had hoped that Amanda would finally accept her ability and not want to walk away from her special, unique talent. I even wished that things would change between her and Jacob. I knew they were attracted to each other from the start and I wished they’d be able to settle their differences before she left Mystic River and moved to New York City to be with her boyfriend, David. Ms. Rowan is a great storyteller and I would definitely recommend this book to other readers. Because of the paranormal theme, this would make a perfect book to read for Halloween. If you’re like me though, a great paranormal story is perfect any time of year!


Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 5.00