Hot For Teacher

Tessa Marshall, a divorced high school teacher, reluctantly decides to take up her older sister, Marla, on the offer to go out to celebrate Tessa’s 40th birthday. They decide to go to Cloudy’s nightclub to have some fun. While having a drink and unwinding, Tessa immediately notices this extremely handsome looking guy enter the club. Only problem is, he looks like jailbait to her.
While talking with Marla, Tessa just can’t seem to take her eyes off him. Knowing how attracted she is to this guy, Marla gives her the opportunity to talk to him. Setting her sights on a bunch of college guys across the room, Marla leaves Tessa to go have some fun with Mr. Hottie while she introduces herself to the college guys.
Scott Chapman isn’t going to pass up the opportunity that has presented itself to him. The woman that caught his eye since he walked into the club is now by herself. It’s now or never. He walks up to Tessa and begins talking with her. She’s so beautiful and he’s so sexually attracted to her, he can only hope to leave with her later on and take her to the hotel room he’s staying at across the street.
After some small talk, they can’t deny the attraction they have for one another and decide to head to his hotel room. Tessa can’t believe she’s doing something as crazy as hooking up with a stranger and one who is at least ten years her junior, but she isn’t going to let her birthday pass without letting her hair down and hoping to have some of the best sex of her life. Unfortunately though, once they sleep with each other, their lives start taking drastic turns for the both of them.
What do Tessa and Scott decide to do since their attraction for each other is so much deeper than they both imagined it to be? Could something more permanent ever come out of this situation?
Ms. James wrote a smoking hot story within these pages. I’m pretty certain I saw steam coming off the pages as I was reading it. The author developed believable characters that everyone can relate to and she presented them in such a fashion that I found myself hoping that they both could work things out between them to make something more permanent out of their situation. Ms. James is a magnificent storyteller and she doesn’t disappoint her readers with the storylines and characters she creates. If you are looking for a short, hot, sexy read to fit into your hectic schedule, this one is the perfect fit for you!

Book Blurb for Hot For Teacher

High school teacher Tessa Marshall is at a club with her sister celebrating her 40th birthday when the hunk of her dreams walks through the door. He's tall, dark, and oh-so handsome. He's also ten years her junior, which makes him the perfect candidate for a night of smokin' hot birthday sex. Only it quickly becomes apparent the man is special, which scares the hell out of her since nothing can ever come of it. With regret, she slips from the room while he's sleeping, intending never to see him again.

Scott Chapman is captivated by the beautiful Tessa, and though he swore off relationships several years ago, he finds himself instantly drawn to the blonde stunner. He takes her back to his hotel room for the birthday night of her life, and soon realizes their connection is deeper than he'd imagined. When he wakes up the following morning and discovers her gone, he's disappointed. They both find out, however, that fate has a mind of its own.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 5.00