Hope, Love, And Treats

Mandy Long was having a talk with her young son, Wiley, before school on Halloween morning. He wanted so desperately to dress up for Halloween as Jack Sparrow. He wanted to go treat-or-treating just like the other kids, but because of his Mom's past horrifying memories, she wouldn't give in. She drove him to school and dejectedly he jumped out of the car and went into Walker Elementary School. Her heart was broken that he was so upset with her decision, but before he was born all Mandy did for Halloween was lock herself up in her house and watched sappy love stories. But she felt bad that her son wasn't going to be having fun that night like all his friends. She vowed this time that she wasn't going to allow herself to not live her life and her son's life anymore. She decided to drive to a local Halloween shop and she searched frantically for the costume of Jack Sparrow.

While browsing the available costumes that were left she tried desperately not to live the horror in her mind again. She reassured herself that trick-or-treating shouldn't be a problem because she was a black belt in karate. She would never be a victim or allow her son to be. On the way home from picking up Wiley from school, she told him the good news. He jumped up and down and couldn't thank her enough. She told him to go get his costume on so they could go get the trick-or-treating over with, but he wouldn't change into his costume unless his mom was dressing up also. Reluctantly, she decided to dress up in her karate outfit. She told her son that they were only going to go to the local neighborhood houses.

After visiting a few houses already, she ran into Dallon Frasier and his daughter, Elizabeth, while they were trick-or-treating. He worked in the same office building as Mandy, but not for the same company. She always found him attractive and very interesting. Besides he was widowed. She would go to lunch with him every so often and they would talk about their lives and work. They got along well together. Ironically, both children knew each other already. They decided now to finish visiting the houses together. This made Mandy relax a bit more. She knew he would protect her if anything happened to her or her son tonight. No one was going to take advantage of her like they did to her Mom on Halloween night.

When they were finished with the last neighborhood house, Mandy invited Dallon and his daughter in for hot chocolate and they accepted. While the kids rummaged through their trick-or-treat bags Dallon took the opportunity to talk to Mandy more about what exactly happened that miserable Halloween night many years ago.

Would Mandy open up to Dallon and confide in him the tragedy she experienced? Would this bring them closer together and possibly take their friendship to the next level? Or would Dallon decide that Mandy had too much baggage to pursue a relationship with her? Definitely pick up this story to find out the answers to these questions.

It was a riveting Halloween read that will keep you guessing while you're reading. I think you'll enjoy it as much as I did. I would definitely read more stories by Ms. Sanders.

Book Blurb for Hope, Love, And Treats

For the past ten years, Halloween has been a horrifying experience for Mandy Long and a holiday she doesn't celebrate. Now that she's a single mom, occasions like Halloween are up to her. She faces her fears and takes her son trick-or-treating for the first time. When she meets up with a friend who is also a single parent, they take their children around the neighborhood together, and she admits her feelings for him go deeper than friendship.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 3.50