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Home Is Where the Bark Is

Serena Oakley, a former model, has opened Paws-A-While, a doggy daycare and spa in San Francisco, and her business is doing quite well for itself. She’s left her modeling career behind to follow her second passion, pampering pooches.

 One day, a sexy man walks in with a Yorki-Poo in his arms and wants to get his dog enrolled in Serena’s daycare program. When Serena first sees Nick Whalen and his dog, she thinks they are completely a mismatched pair. Something even makes her feel as if he’s not being truthful with her in regards to who he’s saying he is.

Nick, who is really an undercover PI, is on an investigation to follow a series of identity fraud cases that seem to be linked to Paws-A-While. Ironically, Serena is his prime suspect. But as they get to know each other, sparks fly between them. Nick knows getting involved with a criminal is the last thing he should even be considering right now, but he can’t help his attraction to Serena. To make matters even worse, Nick finds a soft spot in his heart for Mack, a large sized dog that seems to have been abandoned by his owner and left at the daycare center. Poor Mack is suffering with a bad knee and having had the same knee issue himself, Nick wants to help out by paying for the big pooch’s surgery and by adopting him.

Does getting closer to Serena lead Nick to solving the identity theft cases? Do they decide to give into their attraction to one another and start seeing each other?

I just adored this second book by Ms. Shepherd. Being a dog lover myself, I enjoyed all the different dog characters she created and loved how each one had their own distinct personality. The author knows how to entertain her reader and she gives you a storyline that immediately pulls you in. I also just couldn’t help falling in love with ruggedly handsome Nick. I truly hope there will be more books in this series! This is a “must read” for any dog lover- honestly for any reader at all! You mustn’t pass this one up!

Book Blurb for Home Is Where the Bark Is

From the author of the delightful Love is a Four-Legged Word comes another novel of romance, mystery, and dogs.
Former model Serena Oakley has opened Paws-A-While, a doggy daycare and spa in San Francisco. When a ruggedly handsome client walks in, holding a Yorki-Poo too dainty for his personality, Serena knows something's not right.
Undercover PI Nick Whalen has followed a series of identity frauds to Serena and is determined to dig up secrets he's certain she is hiding. Despite their mutual distrust, Nick and Serena find themselves bonding over an injured, orphaned dog. And soon they're arousing more than just suspicions. But will the pair trust in love enough to thwart a danger circling too close to home?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 5.00