Holy Ravioli

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Holy Ravioli

Shira Pravoloni worked with her father, Franco, in the family business, The Pravoloni Ravioli Company. Although she was pure Italian, she didn't see things eye to eye with her mother when it came to arranged marriages and traditions like that. Shira wanted to find the man that she was going to fall in love with and marry on her own terms, not by being arranged by her mother. Her mother just didn't understand what was wrong with her only daughter not wanting to be arranged with someone and starting a family of her own.

During one of the executive members meetings, Mary Pravoloni barged in the room to announce to her daughter and everyone there that The Pope was coming to the city and he was going to bless her wedding. Glancing at all the board members, Shira could see that they all knew how her mother was with her. Excusing herself, she made believe that she had to go to the ladies room and ducked out of the stairwell after retrieving her purse. Running as fast as her Jimmy Choo shoes would withstand, she started running down the stairs. She threw open one of the doors to another floor and ran right smack into a guy waiting for the elevator.

Joseph Pocente was running late this particular morning and he hated being late. This ranked as high as when his mother drives him crazy over the fact that her Italian son isn't married and with children yet. While waiting for the elevator to take him to the thirty-fifth floor, the stairwell door flies open and something soft runs right into him. He loses his balance, but quickly regains it to help the person who ran into him not lose their balance. She pleads with him to help hide her from the crazy lady who is now roaming this floor. She tucks herself behind some artificial trees and Joe stands in front of her to block her from being seen by anyone. Her mother leaves and she kisses Joe on the cheek as a thank you for being her hero. They never exchange names, although he did hear the older woman call to her by the name of "Shira." He couldn't get her off his mind the rest of the day.

Throughout the story, Shira gets herself into a few messes and Joe always seems to be around at that time to help her out of a jam. Soon they realize that they are really attracted to each other, but neither Joe's nor Shira's mother wants to hear anything about it. They are both going to be married off and that's final. Unfortunately, a few surprises pop up along the way that no one could prepare themselves for.

What are some of the surprises that happen to Shira and Joe? Do they ever get a chance to get to know each other or do they both just give into the arranged marriage idea from both of their mothers?

This was a light-hearted comedy by Ms. Schultz, which will make you laugh out loud throughout the story. I found myself cheering Shira and Joe on and hoping they would end up together in the end. If you're in the mood for a comical story this is definitely one to look into.

Book Blurb for Holy Ravioli

Holy Ravioli! Shira Pravoloni is positive her sweet, though often meddling ma has officially flipped her noodle. Not only does she want Shira's wedding blessed by the Pope, she is going to help find a man for her, since she isn't even dating. In her attempt to dodge her mother she runs out of her office and into the hunkiest man she has ever seen. He not only rescues her from her mother but after a few dates and a few kisses, soon gets her thinking there might be worse fates than marriage.

Joseph Pocente works--that's all he does. Unless, getting a lecture from his mother about not being married constitutes as a hobby. The more time he spends with Shira, the more he realizes he wants to be with her. So when he finds out she is getting married, it's a recipe for disaster. When he finds out her arranged marriage is to his cousin, he plans to stop her from marrying someone other than him.

Toss in some crazy family members, a boxing match and a ravioli-craving priest and it is the wackiest race to the altar, the only question remains, who will be the groom?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00