Holiday Spirit

Lucius and Hattie Mae Beaumont have both passed on and are on different missions helping people in varying situations. Unfortunately, each and every time in the past, they have been given assignments which have prevented them both to enter the light into the next life. This year was no exception to the rule.

Their assignment this year was to unite husband, Jeff and his wife, Carolyn for Christmas since he couldn't make it home from a business trip. Or at least he thought he couldn't at the time he spoke to his wife. Carolyn was upset with the news, but decided that she would then surprise her husband and fly to Los Angeles to see him. In the process, he finally was able to postpone his presentations in LA and had the intention to fly home to surprise his wife. This is where Lucius and Hattie Mae come into the picture.

Lucius did some peeking into the future, which he wasn't supposed to do, and found out that if he and his wife didn't get Jeff and Carolyn together tonight, they would never get the opportunity to make love and have Adam Grayson nine months later. This would be, "The Doctor Adam Grayson- the man who discovered - THE CURE" that everyone would be talking about in the future. Lucius and Hattie Mae have their work cut out for them with this madcap assignment.

Did Lucius and Hattie Mae succeed with reuniting Jeff and Carolyn together? Was it in time? Did Lucius and Hattie Mae finally get the opportunity to go to the light?

I absolutely loved this light, holiday read. I love the unique storyline and I enjoyed the characters antics. I giggled at the mishaps poor Lucius had to go through just to get Jeff to listen to him. You will definitely be entertained with this story. I would love to read more stories by Donna Michaels.

Book Blurb for Holiday Spirit

Every year, during the winter solstice, a door is opened for ghosts to move on. And every year, Lucius Beaumont and his ghost wife, Hattie Mae, pass up the opportunity in order to help mankind. This year is no exception. Jeff Grayson and his wife Carolyn need to be reunited for a very special reason. The bumbling fun begins when Jeff leaves L.A. to fly home to surprise his wife-w ho's on a plane bound for California to surprise him. Little do they know they're about to encounter some Holiday Spirit.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.00