Hold on to the Nights

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Hold on to the Nights

Blaze #504 - Dressed to Thrill

Lara Whitfield knows it’ll be the very last time she’s going to see Graeme Hamilton, the man she’s been infatuated with for the past five years. The only problem in doing this is that she has to fly to Las Vegas to attend one of his celebrity fan festivals. You see, at the age of seventeen, she and Graeme, a no-namer at the time, ran off and eloped without her father’s consent. Once he found out about it, he flew to Scotland, where his daughter was honeymooning, and literally ripped Lara from her twenty-one year old husband’s arms. Unfortunately, Lara was so in love with Graeme that she lied about her age in fear that she’d lose him. Returning back home with her father, he made certain that Graeme was served with divorce papers on behalf of his daughter.

Since that time, Lara has become estranged from her father. She is still also hurt over the fact that Graeme never even tried fighting to get her back. Now since she is seeing Christopher, a great guy but just no sexual spark between them, Lara has come to terms that maybe Christopher wouldn’t be so bad to finally settle down with sometime soon. But Lara is faced with the fact that her father has now passed away and left her a note explaining many things she is completely unaware of.

What does she find out in the letter her father wrote her? How does she handle the news? What does she decide to do now that her father has come clean about things with her?

I thoroughly enjoyed this creative storyline Ms Foley penned. I immediately fell in love with Lara and hoped that the decisions she was making were the right ones in the end for her. It took me awhile to warm up to Graeme only because he seemed to be a stuck up moron that had let his celebrity status go to his head. Once I found out more about who he really was, I began liking him. I loved the fun storyline and the well developed characters the author had created. Overall, I felt that the author did a wonderful job telling this story. I’m new to Ms. Foley and her writing, but after reading this book, I will definitely look for more of her available titles to sink my teeth into!

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.50