History Lessons

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History Lessons

Luck is working on Ayda Rogers’ side when she receives the invitation from Mrs. Elise Sinclair, Duchess of the castle Am Binnean, for Ayda to stay the entire summer in the Scottish castle to do research for her Doctoral thesis. Ayda knows the endless list of exquisite and rare paintings that not only grace the castle walls, but also fill endless storage rooms within the castle. She is thrilled beyond words that she is given this opportunity to help catalogue them, restore them and in the process learn the history of them for her thesis.
Arriving, she is immediately greeted by the Duchess herself and they instantaneously hit it off. When Ayda finds out that there are numerous paintings on every wall of the seventy-five rooms within the castle, she fears that the summer will not be a lengthy enough amount of time to get everything done that she has agreed to complete while staying as a guest at Am Binnean.
The one thing that Ayda doesn’t plan on, while being given this once in a lifetime opportunity, is for developing such a strong attraction to the Duke, Hunter Sinclair. Whenever they are close to each other, sparks fly. She knows she must concentrate on her work at hand and gather as much information as possible to complete her thesis, but how is she to do this when sexy, absolutely gorgeous looking and well built Hunter is never too far from her side?
Does she get to finish all the work she agreed upon completing? Does anything happen between Ayda and Hunter during her stay in the castle? Is she finally able to complete her thesis as she had hoped she would in accepting the invitation from the Duchess?
This was a fun and entertaining read for me. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and the history of not only the castle, but also all the paintings, armor and other collectibles within Am Binnean. When Hunter was introduced into the story, I instantly fell in love with him. Ms. Mueller made me want to get to know more about him and when I did, I had hoped that something would happen between him and Ayda. The author has written plenty of historical accounts throughout these pages while telling her story and in turn, it has only enhanced her storyline. Overall, this was an enjoyable read for me and I’m glad I stumbled upon Ms. Mueller and her writing.

Book Blurb for History Lessons

Ayda Rogers can't believe her luck, she's been invited to a Scottish castle for the summer to research her Doctoral thesis. When she gets there she finds with 800 years of history to contend with, the past is always present. Steamy tales of previous castle owners meld within the modern story as she learns all she needs for her paper. And sometimes its not the past but the present which makes you change your whole way of thinking, especially when it comes in the form of the future Duke named Hunter.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.00