His and Hers Dalmatians

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His and Hers Dalmatians

Callie and Hayden James were divorced for a few years now. Unfortunately, whenever the two of them were in the same room together for a function, hell would break loose. Today was both of their friends' wedding rehearsal dinner and everyone was hoping that they would be on their best behavior due to the circumstances.

There was a lot of hostility between the two because Callie caught Hayden having an affair with his assistant, in his own office mind you some years back. This was the second and last time she was going to witness this. She was the one to end the marriage and since then, was able to delve herself into her artist business that she always dreamed of since their divorce.

Being together at this rehearsal dinner and the wedding definitely drudged up old feelings for the both of them. They both moved on in their lives since the divorce, but something was missing for the both of them. Let's not forget about their two Dalmatians, Ricky and Lucy, that they had together since they were married. Those dogs loved being with each other and now that Ricky lived with Hayden and Lucy with Callie they never got to see each other. Ricky was acting out a lot, not only because of the separation, but also because Hayden was always working and never being around to give Ricky love or affection. An intervention was definitely needed on everyone's behalf, but could it be possible without any screaming or dishes being thrown at Hayden?

Were Hayden and Callie able to be civil with each other even after their friends' wedding? Were they able to talk things out and gain a better understanding of the circumstances of the past? Or did the hatred, hurt and humiliation that Callie harbored for Hayden get the best of her still? Did Ricky ever get to see Lucy again?

This was an enjoyable read by Ms. Tyler. It was a story that gripped at your heart because of the situation that happened between two people that once loved each other. I felt the hurt and pain that Callie was going through just as much as I felt the loss and rejection that Hayden was feeling as I was flipping through the pages. Clearly lack of communication was the missing link in this relationship and I couldn't help but hope that these two people could finally work out their differences now that years have passed. This was a very endearing story that will have you rooting and hoping for a happy outcome for Callie, Hayden and their dogs.

Book Blurb for His and Hers Dalmatians

Callie and Hayden James have nothing in common, other than their last names and a pair of Dalmatians. Their relationship was just as volatile after their divorce, so they split up the dogs to maintain the peace. After two years apart, attending the wedding of mutual friends forces Callie and Hayden to see each other again. Can this event lead to a truce and sharing custody of the dogs?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 3.75