High Stakes

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High Stakes

Colby McCormick pulled his Mercedes in front of his parents' home. He hadn't returned there on over two years. He left Barstow a short time after his mother passed away and he headed straight to Las Vegas to start his chef career. Now he was back to pay his respects to Estelle Shelton, his ex-fianc‚e's grandmother.

Danielle Shelton noticed the Mercedes in front of the McCormick's house. The last person she wanted to see right now was Colby. He tore her heart out and ripped it to shreds the day he left her. She had so much pain deep inside of her for what he had done to her. How was she ever going to get through these next few days?

Andrew McCormick, Colby's Dad, and Travis, his brother, were curious as to what had really happened on that day two years ago. No one ever got the full story as to why Colby just up and abruptly left. He didn't explain anything to anyone. He packed and headed to Las Vegas. Now, more than ever, people wanted to know what had caused Colby to do something so drastic. Colby wanted to tell everyone, but he felt as if no one would really believe him. One person was the culprit for his abrupt and hurtful decision he had made and no one had any idea as to who said it or what was said to him. Maybe now he could get the chance to talk things over with Danni and make her understand what had happened. Or maybe she would hate him forever and never forgive him.

Did Colby ever get the chance to privately speak to Danni about what had happened between the both of them? Who was the person that said some hurtful and derogatory things to Colby to make him leave without marrying Danni? What exactly did this person say to him to make him react so drastically without talking to Danni before making such a harsh decision?

I found this story extremely gripping with emotion from the very beginning. I could feel the pain that Danni was going through because she not only lost her grandmother, but also she had to face Colby again. I could also feel the pain that Colby was feeling and I wished so hard that Danni would give him the time to plead his case to her. I loved the surprise twist that Ms. Schultz had in the story of who was the one behind causing the breakup of the future nuptials and their existing relationship. This is a story that you shouldn't pass up. Well done, JT!

Book Blurb for High Stakes

Two years ago, Colby McCormick deserted his love, Danni, for a promising career in Las Vegas and never looked back. In town for a funeral, he's determined to explain his actions to Danni and regain her affections.

Danielle Shelton has tried without success to mend her broken heart since being left at the altar on their wedding day. Hearing Colby say that he still loves her is too much too handle.

Secrets have kept them apart for too long. Colby and Danni wonder if the love they still feel is worth the high stakes of the truth.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00