High Lonesome

Thirty-two year old Scott Landry, who is the owner of High Lonesome Guest Ranch in Ghost Rock, New Mexico, just happens to spot a woman shuffling down the dirt road he’s traveling on and she looks completely dazed and confused. He decides to stop and asks if she needs any help. She just blankly looks at him and gives him no answer. He gets out of his truck and tries approaching her to offer some assistance, but she grows frightened of him and takes off sprinting down the road trying to get away from him. He runs after her and as he catches up, she faints to the ground. While she’s unconscious, he immediately notices an angry purple bruise on the inside of her arm and a lump on her forehead the size of a goose egg. He knows he needs to get her medical help because they’re out in the desert away from any place that she can seek help herself. When she finally comes to again, she becomes extremely combative with him because she thinks he’s there to hurt her more than she already is. He offers her some water that he has in his truck and introduces himself. He convinces her that he’s only trying to help her because she’s lost and hurt and he decides to do the gentlemanly thing by bringing her to his ranch.
Once they arrive at High Lonesome, he invites her into his house and asks Carmen, his cook and close friend of the family, to call one of the town’s doctors. As Scott and the woman talk, she explains to him that she has no idea who she is or even how she got so hurt. Scott makes every attempt at making her feel as comfortable as possible until Dr. Joanna Coleman arrives to examine her.
When the doctor finally arrives, she examines the woman and explains that she’s suffering from amnesia because of the hit on her head. Dr. Coleman wants her to do a CT scan in town to see if there is any internal bleeding or damage to her skull. She schedules the woman for an afternoon appointment that day and tells her she’ll do a full-up once she has the CT results back.
Scott’s goal now since he already had the doctor take care of her, is to help this poor woman find her family because they must be so worried about her well-being. He calls Dr. Coleman’s ex-husband, Buddy, at the sheriff’s department and explains what’s going on. They launch into a full investigation trying to help her locate her family. As the days fly by and no solid leads come in, Scott and his seven year old daughter, Willow, decide to call the woman Beth. But when a solid lead finally does come into the sheriff’s office, it’s a day that will change everyone’s life forever.
Does Beth’s family finally find her while she’s staying at Scott’s ranch? Does she have any recall at all of the life she once had before the accident? What does she start learning about herself while staying with Scott and Willow?
Ms. Coverstone did a remarkable job with the storyline that she chose. I fell in love with Scott early on because of all the good deeds he was doing for Beth and he wasn’t even asking for anything in return. I found him to be a ruggedly handsome cowboy with a heart of gold and I had hoped that maybe Beth was single after all. My heart bled for poor Beth because she had no idea who she was, what happened to her or even how she ended up in the desert of Ghost Rock, New Mexico. She was so lucky that Scott found her and took it upon himself to help her during one of the darkest and roughest times in her life. The storyline was extremely believable and Ms. Coverstone carved the characters out to be everyday people. I would definitely recommend High Lonesome to readers because the author did such a great job writing this story. I was completely engrossed and swept away by this story and I know you’ll agree with me once you read it. Well done, Ms. Coverstone! 

Book Blurb for High Lonesome

Scott Landry, steadfast owner of the High Lonesome Guest Ranch in Ghost Rock, New Mexico, happens across a dark-haired beauty who has been assaulted and left for dead in the high desert. She's suffering from amnesia--remembering nothing about the attack, where she's from, or even her name. From the moment Scott lays eyes on the woman they come to call "Beth", he knows everything in his life is about to change.

While recuperating, Beth embraces ranch life and grows close to the sexy, widowed cowboy and his precocious young daughter Willow--discovering a happiness and peace she suspects she's never known. But she experiences terrifying flashbacks and visions of a little girl. When she learns the truth about her life and returns to an uncertain fate, she wonders if she'll ever be safe again...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 5.00