Here Comes the Bribe

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Here Comes the Bribe

Twenty –seven year old and very single Andi Goforth was the administrative assistant for Cole Greene, CEO of Greene Pharmaceuticals.  She liked her job and desperately tried to do well with it since it was her only shot at proving herself to the temp agency that hired her.  It was this job or no job at all.  Poor Andi thought she had enough problems to work through from her past.  She never realized just how deep she was going to be in trouble once she was offered a desperate proposition from Cole Greene.
Cole was the company’s top gun.  He had temporarily relocated from the home office of Charlotte, North Carolina six months ago to negotiate the final details of the company’s merger with the larger Dallas-based Grable Pharmaceuticals.  Both of these companies specialized in the field of dental pharmacology. 
Andi would do anything to become a permanent employee at Greene Pharmaceuticals after the merger took place because it would assist her in qualifying for the loan application on her condo.  Without the permanent position in the company, the loan would never come through for her when she needed it. 
What was the proposition that Cole offered to Andi?  How did Andi react to this proposition?  Did she decide to help Cole out and accept the offer?  Did everything work out how they had hoped it would for the both of them?
I absolutely loved this story by Ms. Davis.  I was entertained from the very first sentence and found myself wanting the story to be longer than it already was.  I would even love a sequel to this wonderful story.  It was a fun, romantic read for me and I loved Andi and Cole.  Right up to the very end I was hoping things worked out for the both of them exactly how they wanted it to be.  I would most certainly recommend this story to others and I will definitely look into other stories by Ms. Davis.    

Book Blurb for Here Comes the Bribe

A single administrative assistant accepts her temporary boss’s offer to masquerade as his fiancée to keep his matchmaking grandmother out of his personal life and out of the way while he negotiates a high-profile merger for his family-owned company. In exchange, she’ll get the down payment for the loan she needs to keep her ex from selling her condo out from under her.
But neither of them counted on the lines blurring between real and pretend--or for the temporary arrangement to leave them both longing for something more permanent.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 5.00