Her Snow Angel

Lisa Mills just seemed to be starting her morning off on the wrong foot. Her car was buried in deep snow, she burnt her mouth on a sip of tea she had in her hand and dropped it on the ground and to make matters even worse, when she went to go into her trunk to get her shovel out she slipped and fell. She never expected to be rescued though in a pair of strong arms that came up from behind her.

Nick Montgomery, her neighbor of six months, just happened to catch her before she completely fell down. They both met at the tenants' meeting, but she had been too shy to speak to him since then. Now, embarrassed as ever, Nick helped her to her feet again. Thanking him for breaking her fall she maneuvered over to her vehicle and took out the shovel to dig herself out. The gentleman that Nick was took the shovel and did it for her. Once finished, he decided to ask her to join him for a hot drink at the local bakery. She accepted and enjoyed the time they spent together. Being extremely comfortable around Nick made Lisa feel more at ease. He must have picked up on her contentment and he raised the ante to asking her out to the movies the following week.

Does Lisa accept to go to the movies with Nick? What happens to the both of them when they leave the bakery? Does everything turn out all right for them?

This was a cute short story. I felt bad for Lisa because we can all sympathize with her and recall some of our own bad days when nothing seemed to go right no matter how hard we tried. It was a pleasant read and I like Ms. Gibson's writing style.

Book Blurb for Her Snow Angel

Lisa Mills is having a bad day, but it just got better with the timely arrival of her sexy neighbor, Nick Montgomery. Slipping and falling into his arms was a great "ice" breaker, but could she overcome her shyness long enough to let him melt her heart?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 3.50