Her Sexy Valentine

Blaze #522

Carol Snow, the Director of Finance at Mystic Touch Greeting Cards, is a very reserved person who doesn’t like to break from her normal, boring routine. She seems stuck in a rut in her personal life and tries playing it off by saying that she really doesn’t want a man in her life at this stage of the game. The only fun and exciting thing going for her is she’s a member of the Red Tote Book Club, formed by a small group of women who enjoy reading and discussing romantic books. Reading these books is the only thing that seems to provide a substitute in her lacking love life.

But once she starts to get to know Luke Chancellor, a fellow management employee at the greeting card company, things seem to change a bit for Carol. Although she knows Luke, with his sexy good looks and intelligence, is someone she needs to keep at a distance, there is something mysterious about him that keeps her wondering just what having a relationship with him would be like.
Does Luke find Carol just as sexy as she finds him? Is there the remotest possibility that something could happen between them? Does Carol ever break out of her rut and start enjoying her life again?
This was a fun and entertaining story for me. I enjoyed getting to know Carol and Luke and I was hoping on a wing and a prayer that something would happen between them since they both seemed interested in each other. I found myself feeling desperately bad for Carol because she seemed to be such a lonely person. All the employees under her thought she was like an ice princess and I could see why they would think of a nickname like that for her. I enjoyed getting a sneak peek of what Carol’s future would look like and I desperately wanted things to work out for her. Overall, this was an enjoyable read for me that I think you’ll also enjoy. Ms. Bond is a talented author that definitely knows how to entertain her readers!

Book Blurb for Her Sexy Valentine

Carol Snow is no Scrooge…but she'd rather get her heart rate up with a sexy book than a messy, real-life romance. Still, she's tempted to rethink that when rugged coworker Luke Chancellor shows her—in mind-blowing detail—exactly what she's been missing. But when he asks for a real date, Carol runs like hell….

And stumbles back into the exact same day—including out-of-this-world sex with luscious Luke!

Talk about no-strings sex. Except…Carol soon realizes she wants more than multiple one-night stands. She just has to figure out how to wake up with Luke in a new day…before time—and all that afterglow—runs out.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 3.50