Her Secret Fling

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Her Secret Fling

Blaze #517

Poppy Birmingham is one of Australia’s favorite sporting daughters. She’s been an outstanding swimmer for years now, but unfortunately due to an injury, she’s forced into retirement. This worries Poppy because swimming has been her whole life and now she doesn’t know what to do with herself. Luck seems to be in her favor though because Leonard Jenkin’s, an editor of the sports section on Melbourne’s highest circulating daily newspaper, approaches Poppy and offers her a job as a columnist. Thrilled for the job and worried at the same time because she knows nothing about writing newspaper columns, she accepts the position and is eager to learn everything there is to know about writing for a newspaper.

It seems that her enthusiasm for the job is questioned though by Jack Stevens, an award-winning journalist that thinks she only received the position because of who she is and not what she can bring to the newspaper. Poppy tries being friendly with Jack at first, but nothing makes him warm to her. She refuses to let him know that she has admired him and followed his writing career for years now. Eventually, Jack seems to warm to her and sees that she does have some writing potential after all.

Once they begin to get to know each other, there’s a spark between them and an attraction that can’t be denied by either of them. They decide to start something together, but it’s strictly to remain a sex only relationship. As time moves forward though, wills are tested and things start changing for the both of them.

What happens between Poppy and Jack that have them questioning their beliefs at this point in time? Are they able to work through their differences and start something more stable than just their sex only relationship? Or do they decide to keep things the way they are and go about business as usual?

Ms. Mayberry created characters that you can relate to and without realizing it you start liking them as if they were real people. I felt bad for Poppy that she was being tested in everything that she did for the newspaper because of her swimming background. I was happy to see that she didn’t back down from anyone and she plowed through her opposition by being the best writer should could be. I’m glad that Jack finally warmed to her and that they were able to act upon their attraction with one another. I was hoping all along though that something more would come out of it for the both of them. This was an enjoyable read overall for me and I look forward to reading more from this author in the near future.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 3.00